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Scott has been with the company since 2019. Scott was former President of Mount Vernon Printing Company (an RRD company). Kravitz brings a wealth of knowledge to the executive team, having brought a large book of Union business to Ironmark, as well as managing our 25 sales representatives. Kravitz provides alignment and communication between sales, marketing, clients, and production. He has over 25 years in the print and communications field, helping to create even greater opportunities for clients to benefit from all Ironmark service lines, including print, digital marketing, promotional products, and more. With his charismatic personality and effective management skills, Kravitz leads strategic partnerships with new, emerging, and enterprise clients for Ironmark, and is responsible for increased sales over the past two years. Kravitz is a graduate of RIT University.

Recent Posts

May 15, 2022

How Much Do Brochures Cost?

Posted by Scott Kravitz
Brochures can be beautiful. Whether you're showcasing well-designed products, the newest car models, or mouthwatering food, the power of photography or artwork in your hands ...
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Topics: Print Marketing

Dec 07, 2021

Will Supply Chain Issues Calm Down in 2022? How to Avoid Disastrous Outcomes

Posted by Scott Kravitz
The supply chain logjam that took root in 2021 continues to impact supply chain flow. Supply chain issues are negatively impacting businesses and marketers are experiencing ...
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Topics: Logistics, Supply Chain

Nov 11, 2021

Coated vs. Uncoated Paper: When to Use (or Not Use) Each

Posted by Scott Kravitz
Are you working on a brochure, pamphlet or other print piece but have no clue about the right paper selection? If you’re trying to decide between coated and uncoated paper, ...
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Topics: Print Marketing, Quick Tips

Sep 07, 2021

How AssuredPartners’ Digital Storefront Became a Growth Machine

Posted by Scott Kravitz
Growing pains can do two things—they can stop a business in its tracks, or they can be leveraged to usher in a greater period of productivity. With insurance company ...
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Topics: Web Development, Digital Marketing, eCommerce