Service based businesses face an abundance of competitors and options when marketing to new customers. While there is a lot of interesting advice available, it's important to seek out opportunities where competition is less fierce, not just fish in the same waters as everyone else.Above all, you need a marketing strategy that works best for your industry, particularly for your business and goals. As you promote your service based business,  here are a few marketing efforts you may have overlooked that can be a true asset to a multi-faceted strategy. 

Marketing Efforts Tailored to Your Service Based Business 

Utilize Google Business Profile for  More Than Just Reviews

Branch Out From Traditional Directories

Build Confidence With Google Local Services Ads

Interview Your Customers and Share Their Testimonials

Promote Your Referral Program


Marketing Efforts Tailored to Your Service Based Business 

Every service business sets goals such as revenue increase, gaining new customers, and expanding into a new market. Fulfilling those goals takes a combination of marketing techniques, including those that may be easily overlooked but offer untapped potential to engage new customers.

1. Utilize Google Business Profile For More Than Just Reviews

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is frequently used for responding to customer reviews. Interacting with customers and responding to reviews is a great way to drive engagement with your business, but Google Business Profile (GBP) also offers several different low-key but essential ways to ensure customers can find you. By verifying your GBP and regularly making sure it is up to date with the correct phone number, address, hours, and website URL, customers will always be able to reach you. Uploading photos and information that showcase your products and services give prospects the most up-to-date information about your business. Current information also increases your credibility. 


2. Branch Out From Traditional Directories For Extended Reach

Oftentimes service based businesses will try lead generation sites like Angi (formerly Angie’s List) and Home Advisor. While this is one method to generate leads, these sites do charge fees to advertise and fees to receive leads, which can become costly depending on how competitive the market is in your area. Premium use of these types of platforms can often include a monthly cost and a binding contract. Exploring other platforms, including Google Local Services Ads, can extend your reach and drive more qualified leads rather than limiting yourself to a traditional directory or lead generation site. 

3. Build Confidence With Google Local Services Ads 

Google Local Services Ads generate leads for your business while offering a Google Guaranteed Badge if the service category is home services. This indicates to potential customers that you are a qualified, Google-backed business in industries like HVAC, plumbing, or contracting. If the service category is professional, care, education, or wellness, you can receive a Google Screened Badge. It gives customers the confidence that you are a legitimate business offering the services they need. Google Local Services Ads also places your ads in the search results pages and only charges for leads that come directly from your ad, letting you decide what fits your budget. 


4. Interview Your Customers and Share Their Testimonials

Having your customers share their experiences builds trust for your business. When you have provided excellent service, there are several ways to ask your customers to share how your business provided value to them. Send out a call-to-action for testimonials on social media or in an e-blast, asking customers to share their satisfaction with your services. You can also ask for reviews at the end of a service. A simple QR code on their invoice or an email sent requesting a review allows your customers to tell the world about their positive experience simply and quickly. The best time to ask for a good review is right after you complete your service. Consider having your on-site staff hand out business cards with links to review sites.

5. Promote Your Referral Program

Speaking of sharing positive experiences, growing your business through referrals should never be overlooked. Referrals and word-of-mouth advertising can be encouraged through the use of a customer referral program. Rewarding loyal customers for giving a recommendation is a great incentive, and it generates more leads. A discount on their next service, rewards points, or a gift are examples of welcome rewards that will encourage customers to refer their family, friends, and neighbors back to you. 

Let Ironmark Help You Build Your Marketing Strategy 

When deciding how to market your service based business, there are many different avenues to consider. The expert team at Ironmark can assist you in deploying various digital and print marketing efforts that are best suited for advertising your business. 

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Written by Don Clark

Don brings over 15 years of digital marketing strategy and website development experience to Ironmark. With his background as a journalist and business owner, Don loves the challenge of getting to know a client’s unique situation and engineering a plan for meaningful results.

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