Podcasts are a powerful communications medium that has taken over the marketing scene in the last 15 years. 57% of Americans are listening to them. They educate, they entertain. They make your morning commute a master class and your walk around the neighborhood an exploration of ideas. And there are so many podcasts to choose from. In fact, doing a search for marketing podcasts yields more than you’ll ever want to scroll through. 

But not to worry, we’ve selected the best digital marketing podcasts for 2022 out there. We know your time is limited, and we want to make sure that you get the most bang for your break! So while these are all free podcasts, they are incredibly valuable to your business.

Let's have a listen:

Social Pros Podcast

Get ready to learn more about social media insights from the people who have rocked them. This hugely popular marketing podcast was recently awarded “the best podcast at Content Marketing Awards.” Served up weekly, these 500+ episodes of around 45 minutes each review trends and ideas in the digital marketing field. They also go behind the screens to learn how successful companies manage and measure social media ROI. Newly hosted by Anna Hrach of Convince and Convert with Daniel Lemin, Senior Strategist and Customer Experience Advisor of Convince and Convert and Erika Lovegreen SVP Marketing and Communications at ICUC, the discussion continues….

Some Excellent Recent Episodes:

  • How to Become a Social Audio Superstar, Episode 515
  • Analysis of 5 Million Posts Shows What Works Now in Social Media, Episode 514
  • How to Use Analytics to Make Better Social Media Decisions, Episode 507

Marketing School — Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar, Neil Patel, and Eric Siu, Single Grain Chairman, have been mining the marketing world for years to bring you their hard-earned learnings on SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization, and general online marketing tactics. Over 50 million downloads across more than 2,000 episodes have created a huge fan base and some major digital street cred. Episodes range from about 4-20 minutes, so they’re perfect to pepper into your commute and still have time to absorb, and they’re available on the daily (even on weekends!). 

Some Excellent Recent Episodes:

  • Marketing Trends We’re Excited About for Q2 2022, Episode #2,070
  • Brian Dean on Selling to SEMrush, Evergreen SEO Strategies, Exploding Topics, and More, Episode #2,065
  • A Simple Way to Go Viral on Twitter, Episode #2061

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Hosted by Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner’s founder and a social media expert, this weekly podcast came on the scene back in 2012. Since then it has racked up over 30 million downloads with more than 500 episodes. This popular go-to strengthens your digital marketing prowess with expert interviews from leading marketing pros, alighting on actionable strategies to help build your brand—from social media strategies to email marketing, to conversion tips to SEO, to much more. Each episode is about 45-55 minutes.

Some Excellent Recent Episodes:

  • Growing an Instagram Following that Converts, Episode 504
  • Relationship Building with Live Video, Episode 499
  • Communication that Converts: A 4-Step Framework for Persuasion, Episode 487

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield brings her ten years plus of marketing expertise to your air pods. This CEO of a multi-million dollar business takes complicated digital marketing strategies and gives them to you straight, so you can put them right to work. She’ll pull in other A-List marketing experts so they can weigh in as well. Porterfield helps with all things online business, including digital courses, list building, social media, content, webinars and more. Words of warning: most episodes are targeted to single-preneurs with an online course to sell. If you are in a B2B or B2C business, some of the tips will not be useful, but you can certainly gain a lot of tips such as list-building, generating backlinks and more. Also, her own courses are geared toward having an online course to sell. So unless you do, avoid the temptation to sign up for her paid courses. Nearly 500 episodes are available, delivered weekly for the past nine years, and ranging from 15-45 minutes. 

Some Excellent Recent Episodes:

  • Consumer Habits that Will Affect Your Business and Why Brand Loyalty is Changing, Episode bonus (April 8)
  • This Sales Strategy Converted at 44% & Now I’m Teaching It to You, Episode 447
  • My Top 5 All-Time Favorite Online Marketing Made Easy Episodes, Episode 444 

The Search Engine Journal Show

With almost 300 episodes under its belt, the Search Engine Journal Show podcast offers the latest strategies for search, brought to you by Search Engine Journal. They cover “all things SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and digital marketing.” Hosted by Loren Baker, Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media, and head of Foundation Digital, in concert with experts from the field, shows are packed with smart strategies and applicable actions in 45-minute to over one hour podcasts.

Some Excellent Recent Episodes:

  • SEO in 2022: 10 Important SEO trends You Need to Know with Miranda Miller, Episode 257
  • How to Maximize Your PPC Performance in 2022 with Jeff Ferguson, Episode 250
  • Link Building Through Creative and Smart Outreach with Bibi Raven, Episode 239

The Agents of Change

Through interviews with expert marketers, this podcast promises to help you increase your online visibility, drive more qualified traffic to your site, and then convert that traffic.  Host Rich Brooks talks to internationally known marketers to get their inside insights that cover tips and tricks on SEO, social media, and mobile marketing. There are over 438 episodes, and they’re available weekly; each runs about 30-45 minutes. 

Some Excellent Recent Episodes:

  • Content Marketing for E-commerce: Getting Those Cash Registers Ringing—Jessica Totillo Coster, March 20, 2022
  • The HERO System for Creating Viral Videos—Matt Johnston, February 9, 2022
  • The 7 Core Elements of Successful SEO—David Finberg, January 5, 2022

Adweek Metaverse Marketing

Hosted by Cathy Hackl, CEO and Chief Metaverse Officer of the Futures Intelligence Group, this weekly “journey into the future” helps markets master the metaverse by learning about new technology, fresh opportunities, and how to overcome the challenges of the metaverse. The Adweek podcast kicked off in September 2021 and has quickly become a top resource for industry experts since it’s backed by one of the most trusted brand marketing experts in the world. These 20-30 minute episodes explore “a persistent virtual world” that is constantly being redefined. There are eight episodes so far and more to come.

Some Excellent Recent Podcasts:

  • Collaboration and Co-Creation are Kings, Episode 2
  • Who am I in the Metaverse?, Episode 4
  • Metaverse 2030, Episode 8

Next time you lace up for a run or head out on an errand, try one of these best digital marketing podcasts for 2022 and build your digital marketing chops at the same time. And if you can’t get enough smart digital marketing strategies, head over to our resources page for more up-to-the-minute marketing brain food. Or call us today to talk turkey in a real live exchange!

Did we miss your fave? Tell us about your favorite digital marketing podcast in the comments? Happy listening!

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Written by Lynne Kingsley

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