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Megan Cranford

Megan received her degree in Visual Communications from Stevenson University and has been creating experiences that will delight users through research and design for over nine years as a graphic designer. Her goal is to be the catalyst for, and creator of, great human experiences.

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Nov 02, 2023

Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Posted by Megan Cranford
[Updated for 2023] If you traveled back in time, to a year before 2015, you would see that the mobile browsing experience was far from enjoyable. Most websites were designed ...
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Topics: Web Development, Digital Marketing

Jun 14, 2023

How to Conduct a UX Audit for Your Website

Posted by Megan Cranford
You’ve probably heard about UX and UI when talking about website design. If you’re unfamiliar with this lingo, UX, or user experience, plays a crucial role in determining the ...
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Topics: UX Audit