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Heather Pruitt

Heather Pruitt supports the digital marketing client services team as a digital marketing specialist. She helps clients exceed their business goals and grow brand awareness by implementing comprehensive strategies and brainstorming new ideas. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Public Relations, Heather honed her marketing skills by working with major technology companies and state-level government organizations at a Detroit-based agency. At Ironmark, she applies her knowledge of social media, influencer marketing, content creation, graphic design, and podcasting for a variety of clients. Heather takes pride in her creative mind and problem solving skills.

Recent Posts

Oct 14, 2021

Apple iOS 15: How Email Marketing Will Change

Posted by Heather Pruitt
Many marketers feared the worst when news of Apple’s iOS 15 updates began circulating. Would it mean the end of email marketing as we know it? As it turns out, that’s not the ...
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Topics: Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Aug 26, 2021

How to Stay Eco-Friendly With Your Print Products

Posted by Heather Pruitt
Consumers and businesses are getting increasingly conscious of how their daily lives and shopping habits impact the planet....
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Topics: Print Marketing, Promotional Products

May 13, 2021

6 Ways Telemedicine Pays Off for Your Practice

Posted by Heather Pruitt
Do you know just how much the field of telemedicine is booming? A May 2020 report by McKinsey and Company projects U.S. telehealth spending to increase from $3 billion to ...
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Topics: Account Based Marketing, COVID-19, Medical Office Solutions