Despite the frigid temperatures, spring is not far away. It’s a season where we clear out the old to make room for the new. The same should apply to the signage your business uses. Outdoor signage can change the entire aesthetic of your business – refreshing your brand and inviting people into your story (and your store!). From signs that highlight your menus, to the ones that display your name boldly on the side of the building, there are endless ways to leverage outdoor signage.

The Signs Your Business Needs

There are six general types of signage that almost any business can put to use. These include:

  • Safety
    • Signs that point out dangerous situations – “Watch Your Step”
  • Regulatory
    • Signs that tell customers the rules – “Parking Prohibited”
  • Brand Recognition
    • Signage that promotes your company and helps to keep you at top-of-mind for your audience - “Shop Now at Our Store”
  • Promotional
    • Banners that offer up a sale for customers – “BOGO ½ OFF”
  • Informative
    • Signs that post information customers need to know – “Hours of Operation”
  • Wayfinding
    • Signs or banners that provide customers direction – “Please Enter Through Front Door”

You want to keep your customers safe, and you also want to ensure that they are prepared when entering your business. The easiest way to do this is to provide them with the information and grab their attention before they walk inside. Each of these signs offers an opportunity to guide or influence your customers. 

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How to Install Banners for Outdoor Use

One of the most important parts of installing new signage is determining where it should go. Here are some tips on installing banners outdoors for maximum exposure:

  1. Make sure the banding is secured. Choose professional installation when you can, because outdoor signage requires that the banding positions be “just right.” Always use a screwdriver to make sure that the metal bands have been tightened correctly.
  2. Next, install the arm and secure it. You begin by inserting the metal or fiberglass arm through the pocket of the banner and into the nose of the bracket.
  3. Secure the metal pin through the nose and arm of the banner. Using a zip tie, secure everything through the eyelet.
  4. Finally, tighten the banding, clip away any excess that may remain, and zip tie it.

You can then continue the same process with the bottom bracket – ensuring that the brackets are secure and the banner is installed correctly.

Signage Material

When ordering a sign, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is related to what materials should be used. Some materials are better suited for signs than others. For example, a waterproof sign for a special occasion may be more beneficial than a paper sign that disintegrates at the sight of a raindrop. When choosing your outdoor signage, you should always use material that is waterproof.

For many, the goal of a sign is to last. The best way to do that is to keep up on the maintenance. Yes, even signs have maintenance requirements – something you don’t hear a lot about. Some materials require more care and maintenance, which should be considered when you choose how to produce your signage.

Ordering Signage

When it comes to ordering signage for your business, you need to consider several factors. Do I need this sign because, without it, I am not operating up to code? Is the material I am looking at going to work for the overall business aesthetic? Is the signage clear and concise? When should I consider upgrading my current signage?

Signage can be produced at practically any time – but depending on what the sign is, you might be rushed for an easier solution. There are other situations where the sign may not be quite as important, and it can wait until a string of inclement weather has passed. In thinking about the timeline of ordering signage, plan ahead! Materials are in short supply with the shipping problems caused by COVID-19, so your large format partner might need some extra time to order substrates or materials.

If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend contacting Ironmark’s large format print experts, who are knowledgeable about signage and how to match it to your branding. We can come out to measure and spec out your space to give you the right signage. After all, you want your signs to let everyone know they are welcome, and maintain your brand’s desired atmosphere, while conveying important information. Ready to create your outdoor signage? Talk to one of our print experts today for more details.


Written by Chris Marzullo

With 25 years of production management experience in the printing industry, Marzullo has helped Ironmark’s operations grow exponentially. As VP of Operations at Ironmark, where he has called home for the last 13 years, he oversees all day-to-day manufacturing operations. Chris is responsible for connecting our technology to manufacturing and for the operation of our estimating and production management software. Marzullo supervises the production management team to ensure we deliver projects on time and within budget. Chris received his B.A. in Economics from UMBC.

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