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Chris Marzullo

With 25 years of production management experience in the printing industry, Marzullo has helped Ironmark’s Operations grow exponentially. As VP of Operations at Ironmark, where he has called home for the last 13 years, he oversees all day-to-day manufacturing operations. Chris is responsible for connecting our technology to manufacturing. He has been instrumental in overseeing the company’s production growth from $12 million to $40 million in revenue. In addition, Chris is responsible for the implementation and upkeep of our estimating and production management software. He also supervises the production management team to ensure we deliver projects on time and within budget. Along with these tasks, he evaluates new equipment and technologies and assesses the possible impact they will have on results outcomes. Chris received his B.A. in Economics from UMBC.

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Jul 08, 2021

The Impact of Texture on the Perception of Your Print Products

Posted by Chris Marzullo
Creating eye-catching flyers and beautiful packaging is a necessary part of marketing your business, but it’s not enough. Studies show that the texture of your print products ...
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Topics: Design, Print Marketing

Aug 25, 2020

Printing News Picks 100 Top Printing Companies in the US

Posted by Chris Marzullo
(Updated for 2020) Ironmark is proud to be listed at #169 on Printing Impressions’ Top 400 List, which is a list of all digital, offset and large format print companies ...
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