Content is a critical aspect of digital marketing. Exceptional marketers realize the value of creating bonds with their consumers. While it is true that clicks and views matter, what's truly important is building connections. Interactive content engages the readers, viewers, and listeners in the activity. With interactive content, your audience can make choices, answer questions, and consume more information.

What Is The Power of Interactive Content?

People love to engage themselves in activities. They love to share their opinions, have fun, and take quizzes. In the landscape of traditional content, consumers are simply readers with no connection to a brand. However, with interactive content, consumers are more willing to share and receive feedback.

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 87% of content marketers found that interactive content grabbed their readers' attention more than static content. Interactive content generates more than twice the conversations of passive content. When you engage your reader or viewer, they have reason to stay on a website, which provides an opportunity to push them further down the sales funnel.

What Are The Benefits of Using Interactive Content?

High Engagement Rate

Research by the CMI shows that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers. This means that nearly every marketer is attempting to generate blogs, articles, e-books, and videos for new and loyal audiences. As you can imagine, the customers are swamped with information.

Along with the boatloads of information, people's attention spans are also evolving. The best way to capture your audience's attention is to provide engaging content. Readers now want compelling stories accompanied by great visuals.

Persona Optimization

According to Neil Patel, interactive marketing provides an ideal platform to engage clients and map their personas. People rank themselves in assessment tests, a quiz indicates what your reader knows and doesn't know, and a calculator sheds light into the parameters that clients use.

The best part is that interaction helps you to collect relevant data that you can use to create more relevant content and build brand loyalty. It's a win-win situation where your audience enjoys being active and you have access to premium data.

Application In The Buyer Journey

Interactive marketing plays a role in all stages of the buyer journey, making it a versatile marketing strategy. As a buyer moves through each step, you can use the interactive content to build brand consistency and educate the buyer on your solutions. In the awareness stage, you can utilize polls, surveys, self-assessment tests, and knowledge tests that make the reader curious to know more. During the evaluation stage, the buyer can use interactive whitepapers, and in the decision stage, the buyer will use calculators and surveys to make a decision.

Driving Awareness

Interactive content improves brand awareness by differentiating you from your competition. During the awareness stage of the buyer journey, introducing a problem to a lead is essential. An infographic, quiz, or trivia questionnaire can help new audiences remember your brand. Once the users take on your challenge, they will be able to recognize your brand if they come across it again.

Educating Buyers

During the consideration stage, a potential buyer is interested in understanding how your product can solve their problems. According to Demand Metric, 93% of interactive marketers found interactive content to be effective in educating buyers, as opposed to 70% of marketers that use passive content.

Fill Gaps In Your Content Marketing Campaign

Interactive marketing doesn't have to be a standalone project. You can utilize it to fit other campaigns. For example, in paid media, you use interactive ads to drive more click-throughs. You can embed quizzes in your business blog for readers to answer. With social media, you have the perfect platform to ask for direct client feedback through interactive posts.  

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Bottom Line

Engaging an audience is essential in driving a marketing goal home and increasing sales. With the right guidance, you can leverage interactions for better marketing. If you're interested in bringing interactivity to your marketing campaigns, we're here to help. Contact Ironmark today for more information!


Written by Chris McCready

Chris McCready directs strategy and implementation for Ironmark’s digital marketing clients. Her 15 years of experience within a variety of agencies across the country has provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise within market research, branding, digital strategy, social media, marketing automation and web development. Under her direction, strategic marketing plans for Ironmark clients result in increased brand awareness, visibility, lead generation and revenue.

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