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Jamie Czajkowski

Jamie is an Account Manager who also manages client website projects. Jamie holds a business and marketing degree from Towson State University, and since has amassed over 10 years of marketing experience working in various industries. Jamie enjoys learning new markets and helping clients grow to obtain their goals.

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Aug 23, 2023

The Ethical Implications of ChatGPT: Addressing Bias and Privacy Concerns

Posted by Jamie Czajkowski
Organizations are increasingly adopting advanced AI models like ChatGPT to enhance customer interactions, automate processes, and improve operational efficiency. However, as ...
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Topics: ChatGPT

Nov 08, 2022

Lead Generation Forms: 8 Examples That Will Actually Get Leads

Posted by Jamie Czajkowski
Are your landing page forms not generating as many leads as you had hoped? There could be several reasons why your lead generation forms are falling flat - and we are here to ...
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Topics: Quick Tips, Printing Specialist, Print Techniques