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How do you empower your sales team to achieve results?

I think it's important with sales people to have a clear goal, an individualized goal for each sales person. In addition, it's an incentive. So have the right incentives to help them achieve the goal. 

Carrot and the stick? I'm a carrot guy. I think if you give your sales person a good incentive and an achievable goal, they're going to hit that metric. And if they begin to achieve success, they actually tend to overshoot and give you more success than you asked for. 

How do you get your marketing and sales teams to align?

So sales and marketing alignment is a big thing, I see it everywhere now. Everyone's asking how to get your sales and marketing team to work together. It's similar to the first answer – it's goals. Sales goals and marketing goals need to be the same. So how are we going to judge both of them? Same metric.

Also collaboration. It's important that sales collaborates with marketing to create material, and then marketing helps sales in the process to achieve their goal.

What is once piece of advice you would give to someone just getting into B2B sales?

The key is to listen.

So when you're meeting with a prospect or a customer you need to listen. Listen to what their pain is. It's not really about what you have or what you're selling. You need to understand what their issues are, and then you can propose a solution that you have to help them solve their problems.



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Matt and his team are the sales experts you've been looking for. Get in touch with Matt today to bring your sales and marketing teams together to work toward common goals!

Written by Blake Leppert

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