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Check out our chat with Karen Ward, one of Ironmark's talented sales team and resident promo pro. She discusses how to select the best promos, why using a promo expert is a good idea and more ... in just 90 seconds! Watch the whole video here:

Why use a promo professional instead of buying promos online?

Using a promotional products professional gives you a chance to develop a relationship with someone who can suggest products. Anyone that's current in the industry is attending trade shows and they may find an item that is just perfect for your brand and your clientele, and that was they can call you sand say, "Hey, I've got this great idea for you!"

Somebody online is never going to do that for you. They're not going to take your brand in mind when using an item, and there's a lot of hidden fees on online promotional product sites that you're not aware of.

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What advice can you give to someone who is in the market for promotional products?

I think the first thing you should think of when you want to buy a promotional product is who the recipient is. What is the end goal? Is this a simple give-away, is the recipient a millennial? You definitely want to go with a technology piece if that's the case. So always keep the recipient in mind and what the event is trying to accomplish.

What makes promotional products an effective marketing Tool?

Promos are an effective marketing tool because they have longevity – they have multiple impressions. And if you pick the right one, they'll stay around for a long time.



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Karen is the go-to expert when you need quality promotional products with staying power. Get in touch with Karen today to up your promo game at your next trade show, sponsored event or charity walk!

Written by Blake Leppert

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