Large format printing continues to be a rapidly growing industry, with new technologies and applications emerging all the time. Additionally, new technologies in both ink and equipment lend themselves to the newest print trends and innovations coming through in 2023 and beyond. The industry is constantly evolving, so it is important to stay up-to-date: 

The Popularity of Large Format

Large format printing is the best way to create vivid, durable prints with maximum impact when printing banners, posters, signs, vehicle graphics, trade show displays, wall murals, and other large-scale visual materials. It is a versatile and cost-effective option that can help businesses reach their target audiences.

 Large format printing is now being used in a wider range of applications, including:

  • Creating interior design and architectural application.
  • Printing large-scale educational and training materials.
  • Printing varied signage and wayfinding systems.


Increased Use of Digital Printing

Digital printing has significantly impacted large format printing. This shift toward digital printing has empowered businesses and individuals to create eye-catching signage, vibrant graphics, and captivating displays that effectively communicate their messages in today's fast-paced world.

Some of the other advantages of digital printing include: 

  • Cost-effectiveness for short-run jobs and on-demand printing.
  • It is more environmentally friendly than traditional printing methods.
  • There is a wider range of customization and personalization options.

When discussing large format printing, a few of the considerations include impact, demand, and longevity. The use of digital printing makes it easier to deliver large format signage that will draw the attention of anyone passing by. Large format done digitally removes the need for bulk prints, allowing each piece to be customizable from a single digital file. The cost savings is multiplied by the fact that large format signage often lasts longer due to its materials that are made to even under constant weather extremes. 

A Growing Demand for Sustainable Printing

The trend toward sustainable printing comes as more companies are considering their environmental responsibilities. While traditional methods use a lot of resources, such as paper, ink, and energy, sustainable printing is a way to reduce the environmental impact of printing. Sustainable printing is becoming more efficient and more cost-effective for certain large-format printing projects because it uses less energy and water, produces less waste, and emits fewer pollutants. As more and more businesses adopt sustainable printing practices, it will create a ripple effect that will benefit the environment and the economy.

Those looking to increase sustainability when printing will be leaning toward:

  • Printing only what is needed.
  • Recycling paper waste.
  • Reusing ink cartridges or turning toward alternative types of ink, such as soy.

Large format printing has always been a more sustainable option because of its longevity. Evergreen banners, retail signs, murals, and trade show displays are often used multiple times over many years, reducing the chance of these items ending up in a landfill after a single use. As we mentioned above, not using large format printing in bulk allows for less energy and less ink to be used in the process. 


When Large Format is The Format You Need 

These advancements are likely to have a significant impact on the future of large format printing. Leading to a significant increase in the use of large format printing in a variety of applications in advertising, marketing, and signage. 

If you are ready to make great use of large format printing for your marketing efforts, the expert print team at Ironmark is here to make sure you receive the best quality, most impactful prints out there. We can’t wait to bring your vision to life. 

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Written by Scott Kravitz

As a graduate of RIT University and with over 25 years of experience, Scott Kravitz has been bringing his wealth of print knowledge to Ironmark since 2019. Kravitz manages Ironmark's sales representatives and provides alignment and communication between sales, marketing, clients, and production. With his charismatic personality and effective management skills, Kravitz leads strategic partnerships and increasing sales with new, emerging, and enterprise clients for Ironmark.

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