Do the Monday blues get you down?

Do you ever feel like it’s Friday, then the realization that it’s Thursday hits you like smack-in-the-face around 11am? Do you avoid bringing clients to your office because of the dreary vibe it gives off?

We get you.

Those four (or more) walls in your office stare at you day in and day out and might be shaping your and your employees moods.

What if your office walls embodied imagery and graphics displaying how your company makes people’s lives better?

Enter office wall graphics.

Your office wall space can be inspiring, stunning and full of life with floor-to-ceiling office wall graphics. Essentially, you find inspiring imagery that winks to what makes your company great – try using abstract images too – and display them as wall paper or huge canvas prints or window clings.

When it comes to office wall graphics, the world is your oyster. The key is finding a great large format print partner who has experience in brightening people’s office lives with office wall graphics and you’re golden.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes questions people have when considering office wall graphics.

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1. Since the photos are printed huge, don’t they come out pixelated?

Not necessarily, but it depends on the size of the image. High resolution images with a high enough DPI (dots per inch) should be fine. Your print partner can give you parameters to ensure your images are high quality enough for the large size final outputs.

Also, since your print partner uses professional wide format printing equipment, the images always come out clean, crisp and professional looking due to the specialized printing method used to create them.

Large Format Wall Graphics | Ironmark, Annapolis Junction, MD


Standard printers allow you to print up to 8.5 X 14 inches. But a wide format printer prints onto a paper roll of between 18 to 100 inches. It can also print onto fabric, foam board, vinyl, coated metal, PVC, and even wood or ceramics.

Wide format printers come in 3 types: aqueous, solvent, and UV based flatbed. Aqueous is the most common and has excellent resolution, fast output, and is easy to use. Solvent inkjet printers are best for outdoor use because the inks are durable in any type of weather. However sometimes the inks they use are quite hazardous (but there are eco-inks as well).

UV based flatbed printers can print on a wider variety of materials and the inks are fairly durable. Wide format printing uses low-VOC inks to minimize the environmental impact.

Large format printing is so versatile and impressive it comes in handy for those important pieces you need for your business. And it’s a quality process that conveys your image effectively.

Large Format Wall Graphics | Ironmark, Annapolis Junction, MD

3. How are office wall graphics installed?

It’s best if you prepare your walls before having the wall graphics applied to your walls so that the graphic will adhere successfully. Slightly rough surfaces painted with non-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint works best. Textured vinyl wall graphics can even hide small wall blemishes and imperfections.

If you are unsure about installation success or what kind of paint you have, your large format print partner can do a test patch in a discreet area and remove it after 3 days.

It’s important to note that both smooth and rough surfaces can make installation tricky. Rougher surfaces need more adhesive which can make the wall graphic permanent. Silicone based or easy-clean paint can negatively affect installation as well. Your vendor can help you make installation more successful.

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If you decide to paint the wall before installation, check with your vendor as to how soon installation can be done after painting as well as paint recommendations.

Because printing is relatively inexpensive and easy, you can change your wall graphics periodically. If you decide to leave the wall graphics up for a long period of time, after 6 months, your graphics will become more permanent and be more difficult to remove.

The partner you use for the large format printing of your office wall graphics should be able to do the installation and ensure it will leave a lasting impression on your employees and clients.



The impact of office wall graphics on your workplace can be transformational. Employees want to feel inspired, and clients want to feel like your company can get the job done.

Office wall graphics can accomplish both and make a stunning impact on your business.

Research says that larger imagery stays in the mind of your customer longer. Make a gigundanormous impression on customers with custom-made graphics designed to highlight your business or event in all the right ways.

Here at Ironmark, we happen to be experts at the production and installation of office wall graphics. Come by to see ours, or take a look at any of the images in this post (we made them!).

Talk to our large format print experts today and we’ll come out to see your space.

Written by Lynne Kingsley

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