The internet is all atwitter (see what we did there?) with the news of the launch of Meta’s Threads! Threads, Meta’s newest app, offers a microblogging platform to share text updates with your social sphere. There are so many questions surrounding this platform that the digital team at Ironmark wanted to share what we know so far. There are a lot of unknowns and several things that Threads cannot do at this time, but we are here to let you know what you should try instead. 


DON’T: Download Threads if YOU Are Planning to Delete It 

Threads is inextricably linked to Instagram in a way that we haven’t seen before. Only Instagram users can download Threads.  As of press time, you cannot delete Threads without deleting or wiping your entire Instagram account. There is an option to switch accounts by logging out on the profile menu and signing into any Instagram account you have admin control of. You can deactivate Threads once a week, but the information will all stay on the server unless you delete each post. This is a strategic move by Meta, likely to deter Threads from becoming a short-lived fad.


DO: Join the Conversation 

The conversation surrounding this new platform is hot. Individuals and businesses - big and small - are racing to get their voice out on Threads.  You don’t want to miss the Threads wave (Remember when we all took forever to start using TikTok?), but you do want to approach with care as we are still learning the ins and outs. Within the first two days of launch, there are already a record 70 million users on the platform and counting. Making Threads one of the quickest-growing social media platforms in history.


DON’T: Hashtag or Share GIFs (yet). A Few Features are Still Missing

According to Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, there are many amazing features incoming. Right now, hashtags do not work. You cannot use GIFS natively either, although there is an option to copy and paste them from your camera reel. A few things that are not yet available that we hope to see in future weeks and months are: 

  • Analytics and Data Feeds
  • Timeline Sort and Filter
  • Content Search
  • Drafting Posts

DO: Know Threads' Content Creation Limits 

Content creators, influencers, and social media managers rejoice! If you’ve ever had to share your thoughts in a series of tweets, get ready for impressive 500-character limits. Additionally, you can record up to  5-minute videos allowing yourself more content in one share. It seems that Threads is coming up with new ways to let content flow and reach more users. 


DON’T: Try to Download Threads if you Live in the EU

While Threads is currently available in over 100 countries, including the U.S., Britain, Australia, Canada, and Japan, the European Union has not made Threads available due to strict privacy laws. Like Facebook and Instagram, it is collecting all of your data, which is not compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) therefore, those within the EU cannot join Threads at this time. There are data and privacy concerns that will need to be addressed as the platform rolls out to more users. 


DO:  Post With Discretion

This is a big one. Threads does not allow drafts or even editing a Thread once it is published. So before you share your thoughts, funny memes, or big news, make sure you fact-check, proofread thoroughly, and revise before publishing. The only way to remove a post will be to delete it.  Threads also obeys all of Meta’s content rules - so anything that could get you banned on Instagram applies here as well. 


DON’T: Expect Ads In Your Feed Right Away

Currently, Threads is offering an ad-free experience. The Guardian reports that there will be no ads on the platform through the end of the year. Additionally, sponsored posts are most likely on the way as well. For now, organic content that speaks to expertise, authority, and brand culture is key. 


DO: Use Your Phone to Thread (Can We Make “Thread” Happen?)

Threads is exclusively a mobile app for now. It does work on tablets, but it is the exact same interface as seen on your phone through the app. Also, something to note, there is no web interface, but URLs can be shared as read-only content.


DON’T: Be Concerned If You Can’t See Your Followers In Your Feed 

Your followers will be there, but they won’t display the same way you are used to on Facebook or Instagram. Everyone from your Instagram can be imported, but there is no followers feed or content search option. For now, the algorithm will provide a combination of content from your followers and posts that it deems relevant to you. 


DO: Have Fun With It 

Early adopters delight! Experiment with your content. Big names like Netflix, MTV, and Under Armour are already on Threads having light-hearted, fun conversations.  So far, as of day two, Threads seems like the place to enjoy a different, more informal space while connecting with your network. For the latest features and tips, make sure you follow the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri (@Mosseri),  to see what’s coming next. 

Let Ironmark Keep You in the Loop

The digital team at Ironmark is closely analyzing the momentum of the newest digital marketing trends and how they can help our clients! So if you have questions about Threads or how to utilize any of your social media platforms, give us a call. We can’t wait to see what’s coming and make social work for you. 

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Written by Lynne Kingsley

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