We jumped into the Threads trend with (most of) the rest of the world when it was launched the first week of July 2023. A direct response to the ongoing changes at X (formerly known as Twitter), Meta’s Threads has had highs and lows over the last three months. We all had burning questions, that only time could answer:

  • Did Threads’ numbers continue to grow after the record breaking launch?
  • Did anyone actually delete their Instagram when they got bored with Threads?
  • What kind of updates have we gotten (#hashtags anyone?)? 


Engagement is Way Down

As of August 2023, the number of active users on Threads is hovering around 10 million. According to SimilarWeb, that’s a drop of approximately 80% from the peak days of July when Threads was shiny and new. SimilarWeb also found that Threads users only spend 3 minutes on the app as compared to 21 minutes in early July. The numbers are clear, Threads just isn’t holding people’s attention anymore. 

While many social media users flocked to Threads to see what friends, celebrities, and influencers had to say, it seems like the novelty has worn off. X on the other hand boasts over 100 million daily users on Android alone that spend an average of 25 minutes a day there. The lack of celebrity interest is also telling. 

While it looks like most users have kept their Threads app downloaded, for both individuals and organizations, the initial flood of posts on the app have slowed to a crawl and in many cases, stopped completely. Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, has recently announced several updates to the app which may help see an increase in user engagement. 

What’s New on Threads? 

According to Search Engine Journal, the most recent updates allow you to share threads as direct messages through Instagram, keep track of your liked threads, sort the accounts you follow, add custom alt-text to images and videos, identity verification, and a new mention button. 

While Threads enthusiasts are still waiting on some particular features like #hashtags and GIFS, the ability to sort through your followers feed is a plus. Mark Zuckerberg continues to tease big updates for the platform that are sure to make those who are still using it happy and may bring back users who have strayed from the platform since its launch. 


Check in with Ironmark for Your Latest News and Social Trends 

While Threads generated significant buzz upon its launch, it has been struggling to live up to the hype after three months. One of the primary challenges Threads faces is its relatively smaller user base.

X (Twitter) continues to boast a massive and diverse community, making it a go-to platform for real-time news, discussions, and networking. In contrast, Threads, as the newcomer, is struggling to compete in terms of user-generated content and engagement especially as it lacks some of the features we have become so accustomed to on the bird app.

Threads is also still trying to retain that ecosystem of influencers, celebrities, and brands that actively engage with their followers but so far has fallen short. Final Thoughts? We think that Threads can definitely offer a unique and valuable experience for those seeking deeper interactions and thoughtful conversations with your brand, but it still faces an uphill battle to match popularity and cultural significance. Ready to up your social media presence with Ironmark?

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Written by Alyson Turner

Alyson has worked in marketing and publishing for the past 11 years. She graduated from Towson University with BS in Mass Communication, Journalism, and New Media. Alyson enjoys writing and researching different topics for new clients and helping them bring their vision to life through words.

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