Working remotely has made many of us familiar with virtual events. As companies pivot to a heavier focus on digital engagement, getting some face-to-face interaction helps with connecting to potential customers. Hosting live events online, such as on social media platforms, is a great way for companies to do this. It’s crucial for connecting to your customers safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the proper platform for your live events makes a huge difference in how many people attend and how well they engage with your content.

What Social Media Platform is Best to Host Your Event?

Finding which platform aligns with your company’s goals gives you an idea of which will work best for you. Social media’s key advantage is its accessibility. Premium webinar software requires downloading apps and significantly cuts your attendance, but the easy accessibility of most social media platforms means the audience will be broad and already available.

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LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live allows you to host your events while receiving real-time feedback through user comments. Your customers simply need a LinkedIn profile to access it, making it incredibly accessible and shareable for anyone interested in participating. It has the professionalism and security that LinkedIn prides itself on, giving you a secure space to host.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live operates in a similar fashion to LinkedIn Live. Videos stream and get real-time comments from your customers. It’s a little more informal, so your customers can feel more comfortable joining your meetings. However, that has the minor drawback of increasing attendance while lowering focus. Still, if your event is meant to be casual, fun, or low-key, it’s a fantastic platform for you to use.

Instagram Live

Instagram has been pivoting into the webinar realm as the next big live event host on social media. Like Facebook, it’s a fantastic option to reach your customers practically at their own door. It’s casual and offers customers insight into your products or culture. If your customers use Instagram already, they get a personal view of who you are.

How Do You Set up Events in That Space?

These platforms make it very simple to set up events. For Facebook, simply select “Schedule a Live Event” to alert your customers when to join. For Instagram, go onto Instagram Stories and swipe across to Live, then tap the “Live” icon to begin broadcasting. The users currently online will be notified about your event.

LinkedIn Live is slightly more complicated. You’ll need to apply as a business to be a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, then send out invites. You’ll also need a third-party tool to broadcast. While that may seem like more of a hassle, it’s simply about maintaining LinkedIn’s high quality standard.

How Do You Communicate With Guests to Set Up?

Social media isn’t just a tool for hosting your live events either. It’s an essential promotional tool with boosted importance since the onset of the pandemic. Make sure to let your customers across your channels know where, when, and how they can attend your webinars. Make frequent and early posts to let people know about your events.

Ways to get people’s attention and boost attendance include:

  • Adding visual images to promotional posts.
  • Include a direct call to action with your link.
  • Make sure your event’s landing page is clean, clear, and direct. That builds trust with your audience and shows your legitimacy.
  • Include a shareable link to encourage your audience to involve other people.
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How Social Media Can Boost Your Webinar Attendance

Social media live events are a quick, convenient way to reach your audience and build brand loyalty. Not only are they more accessible, since people won’t need to go anywhere to partake, but they’re also easier to plan because you don’t need to rent or cater event space. If you would like help with marketing virtual events, contact us today. The team at Ironmark is ready and able to help with your marketing and event promotion needs.

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