If you’re keeping marketing materials on hard drives and cloud storage platforms - or dare we say, floppy disks - you’re not alone. Many marketers have a hard time managing their systems, and especially their archives, in all kinds of ways. Still, it can be enough to drive you crazy. Scrambling for the latest version of ads, brochures, emails, social media posts, trade show/event signage, scripts, videos, presentations, promo products, and more can be extremely time consuming and definitely frustrating. With so many moving parts, there are so many ways for things to go wrong—or worse, for your brand to go rogue.

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There’s a Better Way for Brand Management

We get it. We’ve helped companies build brands across industries and have felt their pain. So we created a scalable proprietary web-to-print software solution—a centralized and optimized cloud-based spot for all your marketing assets. It’s called Ignition. It’s simple to use, with WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) formatting—and it’s designed to eliminate user error, align all brand assets, and super-streamline marketing for all of your locations. Here’s how it works.

1. Aligns All Users

Whether your marketing team is across the hall or scattered across the country, Ignition provides a cloud-based repository for all marketing assets. It is secured through granularly managed access control, so only those with permission to create or alter documents may do so. The web-to-print software also contains other layers of security, including a multi-tier order approval process. In this way, Ignition easily and securely connects every stakeholder so they can access marketing materials 24/7 from any device.

With efficient communication and a consolidated, centralized storefront, you’ll have better brand control, and any authorized user can create customized marketing material on their own, getting it to market easily, quickly, and affordably. It’s collateral that’s created and ordered in mere minutes, not days.

2. Ensures Consistency

You’ll never have to worry about users going rogue and changing fonts, colors, text, imagery, and more. We can even help you create the collateral. All templates are kept consistent, and local users can customize their address, phone number, and offers, among other elements. With brand standards aligned across the company, you’ll ensure professional, memorable messaging. Further, Ignition’s web-to-print software has version control, so all users know they are working with the most recent information—and standardized naming conventions for smooth searching.

3. Optimizes Production Workflows

Forget the back and forth of emails, where things always get lost in the shuffle. With Ignition’s web-to-print software solution, workflows are automated so users can help move them through the production cycle easily. Notifications let you know when your approval is needed, and you can make your edits and pass it on to the next person, all without digging to find the latest version.

4. Facilitates Fulfillment and Storage

Our web-to-print solution lets you store assets in our wholly owned warehouse, so physical materials can be ordered, reordered, or replaced as needed, avoiding outdated warehoused items. We’re experts at fulfillment, so companies can order through Ignition and Ironmark will pick and pack and handle the mailing of direct mail, promotional items, kits, and more. With our streamlined supply chain, we reduce the number of touchpoints and obstacles during production and fulfillment for faster turnaround of requests, approvals, and quicker time to market.

5. Streamlines Billing

If your users in one location want to order brochures or business cards for just that location, they can do so easily through Ignition. They’ll reap the benefits of bulk printing through a larger group, but are able to place their order online for just what they need. Consolidating ordering through one portal provides cost savings from production and shipment. Flexible billing options include cost centers, credit cards, discount codes, or marketing budgets. With just one vendor and a web-to-print software solution, you’ll gain better pricing and coordinated shipping, and our billing capabilities help organize expenses by location for easy accounting.

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6. Gathers Insights

Ignition features a number of reports you can customize for your specific needs, ranging from tracking inventory, user activity, and popularity of products to monitoring sales through the site. You’ll have an intuitive web-to-print dashboard where you can see exactly what marketing materials were ordered, in what quantities, and when.

Take Ignition for a Test Drive

Ignition is the tool that helps brands organize and optimize their marketing assets, but Ironmark’s expertise takes it to the next level. We develop and stand up the platform for you. Then we back it up with diligent customer service for you and your customers.

It’s the tool plus the team, for a simple, streamlined, and successful marketing experience. Our talented Ignition team stands ready to design the marketing that speaks to your customers. Whether you’ve tried web-to-print software in the past or are still trying to manage marketing across systems, you’ll see a real difference with Ignition.

Not only can it align users, ensure consistency, optimize production workflows, facilitate fulfillment and storage, streamline billing, and gather insights, but this powerful tool + team can propel you to a level of marketing you haven’t seen before—and the sales that come with it.

Take a Test Drive

Written by Andrew Clark

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