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Ryan Lewis

Ryan is Digital Marketing Manager at Ironmark. Through his daily work, he enjoys collaborating with the team on marking solutions for clients with diverse products and services. Ryan has five years of marketing industry experience and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Digital Marketing Promotions from West Virginia University. Ryan also holds several certifications in Google AdWords and Analytics.

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Jan 20, 2023

SEO Meta Tags: A Best Practices Guide

Posted by Ryan Lewis
Search engine optimization (SEO) is no simple task. As marketers learn more about search engine’s algorithms and crawlers, best practices for optimizing and increasing ...
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Dec 20, 2022

Crediting Conversions: Using Attribution and the Customer Journey for the Full Picture

Posted by Ryan Lewis
ROI is always top of mind — understandably. We want to know where our money is going and what we’re getting in return for it. For many businesses, ROI is measured by lead ...
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