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Check out our interview with Jessica Wolverton, Ironmark's E-Commerce and web storefront expert. Hear her thoughts on who can benefit from an E-commerce portal, the best uses for a platform and more ... in just 90 seconds! Watch the whole video here:

Who can benefit from an e-commerce platform?

Everybody and everyone can benefit from an E-commerce platform. There are sites that might have one item, maybe a business card, or it could be an inventory item that only one person is ordering. Or it could be a storefront that has multiple products, could be 100's or 1000's that reaches nationwide with multiple users.

What is the best use of an e-commerce platform that you have seen?

Companies really come to us modernize their ordering processes. Usually they're ordering through faxes and its just a very clunky way, and this storefront really offers that to be more efficient in their ordering and order management, and touching all their users to keep the brand consistent. 

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What are the top 4 benefits that an e-commerce platform can provide?

The four benefits that an E-commerce platform can provide: one being brand consistency. We are able to build templates, keeping the brand consistent throughout, whether its business cards to marketing materials, to all stationary products. Another one would be ease of ordering, platforms offer 24 hour access so users can access it at any time, and they also can view live proofs on the portal. Another benefit would be the administrative assistance: portals can provide user setups, product setups, so the companies no longer manage the portal - that burden has been taken off. Another benefit would be reporting: you can track users, product usage, anything that is done on the portal is 100% trackable.



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Written by Blake Leppert

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