Each year, companies continue to raise the bar with their trade show booth designs around the globe. From larger-than-life banners and backdrops to brand-name promo products that make you think: “Wow! They have the budget for that!?”, 2024 may be the time for your brand to get an extreme makeover: Trade Show Booths Edition.

 If you’re exhibiting at a trade show, conference, or corporate event, it’s critical to set yourself up for success (also spelled R-O-I). A well-strategized plan, including pre-show preparation, trade show booth design, logistics, and budget, will help you put your best booth forward and attract high-quality leads effortlessly. 

2024 Trade Show Booths Checklist

Dominate Your Space
Once you have the space reserved, think through the dimensions and layout as an attendee might, and incorporate this into your booth display. How much space do you have to work with, and what’s the best use for your brand? Does the trade show have a specific theme you can lean into the booth design? Do you plan to stand out with a demonstration space or a storefront to display promo product giveaways? Sketch out the layout so you can envision how it plays out in 3D, and request a quote from an experienced trade show booth designer to see what’s realistic within your budget.

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Build Online Buzz

Don’t be afraid to get social! You can promote your presence well before the event by teasing it early and letting your network know which booth number is yours. When generating excitement on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, attendees will feel more comfortable sparking up a conversation with you in person as well. Get your prospects hooked ahead of time with contests that will convert to in-person booth visits like giving away a gift card or high-end promo product gift. Post reels, stories, and videos for the behind-the-scenes pre-show peak. And don’t forget to tag and repost the show organizer's content, and reach their audiences too. It’s a great way to build momentum for everyone. 

See What’s New in Booth Design

Take your booth up a notch in 2024 with modular designs that are easy to move and reconfigure for different spaces. Focus on eco-friendly materials wherever possible to help the planet. Then dress them accordingly with branded tablecloths, eye-catching banner ups, and inviting messaging that makes your brand approachable, yet superior. There are some exciting advancements in trade show booth displays; take a look at some of the booths that wow for extreme inspo.

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Give Them Killer Content

Leave them wanting even more. Whether it’s a video display, fun floor signage, well-produced booklets, or more, your content will live on past the show. It will travel home with your new leads, and land on their desk- enticing them to schedule that demo you talked about. Meaningful, memorable content on top of a killer trade show booth display will build your brand and close the deal.

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Take Technology to the Next Level

Consider augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive booth displays, and mobile apps to engage prospects on the next plane. Create a personalized experience that illustrates your company’s capabilities, like a completely customized sticker from a ski-wear company. By creatively incorporating your message and providing personalized value, you’ll get people talking—and coming back for seconds! Ask your designer in the early stages how you can incorporate technology like a TV display or charging station into your booth design. Pro Tip: Ask the venue if you need to purchase wifi or electricity from your trade show booth in advance, and include the costs in your event budget.

Give Them a Gift They’ll Hold Onto 

Promo products can be a thoughtful gift or one more thing for them to carry around the show. Invest in the good stuff. You know your audience, so splurge on giveaways they’ll love. Some current trends to try:

  • Inner Peace: Oil diffusers, stress balls, muscle rollers, and things that make you go ommmm.

  • Quiet Luxury: Subtle brand placement on brand-name bags and backpacks, clothing, hats, and more that are sure to impress and serve as walking advertisements for your org.

  • Travel: Fulfill their travel dreams with sleek power banks, travel bags, and airplane gear (eye masks, earplugs, blankets).

  • Conscious Consumerism: Seek out eco-friendly, minority-owned and community-focused products, like goods from local food shops, biodegradable gifts, and recycled items. 

  • Old School: Some things just get better with age. Like a partnership with your company, and also journals, headphones, and even Polaroid cameras and more!

  • Personalized: Design your own. From custom wood engravings to a design-your-own bag, personalized promo products that bring your brand to life right there at the booth are unforgettable branding opportunities.

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Not only do giftees become more loyal, but they’ll provide free advertising for you during and after the trade show!

Dive into the Data

Tap into audience behaviors, preferences, and engagement so you see what’s working at each show and can tweak your next ones. If the information is collected as part of a fun poll, valuable raffle, or a customized demonstration, attendees will be happy to provide it. Many trade show attendees will capture your data subtly by offering a business card raffle or an online survey that you scan a code to enter.

Time to Get Extreme with Your Trade Show Booths 

Are you ready to get started? With so many enhancement opportunities, the chances to up your trade show game are endless. Ironmark will design, store, and ship your booth, printed materials, promo products, and anything else you need right to your venue. Spend the travel time relaxing and enjoy the process of planning and putting these ideas into motion. We are obsessed with designing show-stopping trade show booths, and we love the challenge of going big for even a modest budget. 

Is 2024 the time for your trade show booth makeover?

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Written by Victoria Lewandowski

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