We’re in the swing of trade show season, and conference centers are once again filling up with attendees from all over the world. The excitement is palpable, especially after many of these events were relegated to screens or went totally silent just a few short years ago. 

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With trade show attendance up again, it’s the perfect chance to take advantage of the in-person meet-ups with some well-designed and thoughtfully curated company swag and branded corporate gifts. The entire year is ripe with opportunities to show your customers, prospects, and employees you care. Statistics show that 66 percent of people view a brand more positively when receiving swag. That’s a big effect for sure! 

We’ve put together a comprehensive calendar of deadlines so you’ll be prepared no matter what pops up, from trade shows to company events, to holiday gifts for employees or customers. Use this guide to find unique promotional items, branded corporate gifts, and company swag that delight your audience every time.

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What are the Best Promotional Items Right Now?

Whether you’re looking for something tried and true or searching for the next trend, all of these items have the wow factor that comes with gifting people branded corporate gifts that are both useful and coveted.

Here are the best promotional items for 2024:

  • T-Shirts: Who doesn’t love a well-designed, good-looking t-shirt that is comfortable and fun to wear?
  • Mugs: They come in all sizes and shapes. Get portable or warmable mugs to make them extra utilitarian.
  • Umbrellas: How many times would an umbrella be nice but you don’t have one on hand? Exactly.
  • Tote Bags: The useful nature of this product is great. It’s a chance to be more sustainable and also to use materials that resonate with your product for a unique promotional item.
  • Water Bottles: See umbrellas, above. How many water bottles have you misplaced? A high-quality promo bottle will go a long way towards keeping you hydrated and happy.
  • USB Chargers: These simple pack-in-your-bag tech items are incredibly helpful to have around, especially when on the go, like at an event.
  • Headphones: We all have them but they wear out or get misplaced. A nice new set is a welcome gift.
  • Backpacks: Just like tote bags, backpacks are extremely practical. A higher ticket product, but one of the best promotional items because they’re coveted by all.
  • Food: Who doesn’t love chocolate, a homemade savory treat, or a baked good, especially from a local company? They make for unique promotional items that delight and surprise.
  • Portable Speakers: Perfect for picnics, tailgates, and other get-togethers, they’re a gift that keeps giving.

When Should You Order Branded Corporate Gifts?

The general rule of thumb is to order at least 90 days before your event. This gives you time to avoid any supply chain delays that can derail delivery as well as other unforeseen snafus. This timeline covers printing, packaging, and delivery, with a small cushion to ensure you have all your company swag in hand before the event. 

If you’re within that window, but you still need your items, don’t worry. Some promotional products have a quick turnaround and if they’re already in stock, we can help you print them much quicker. 

How Do You Best Plan Your Promo Calendar?

This calendar gives you a sampling of events you can start planning for now. We added trade shows to almost every month since they generally run most months of the year. Use these dates as inspiration for other gifting opportunities too. Some holidays are more widely celebrated than others, but all provide an opportunity to provide prospects, customers, or employees with meaningful and unique promotional items:


2024/2025 Promo Calendar

Order By

Delivery By/Events

January 1st

April 1st

Trade Shows

Celebrate Diversity Month

World Health Day

Earth Day

February 1st

May 1st

Trade Shows

Asian Heritage Month

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Teacher Appreciation Week

International Nurses Day

Memorial Day

March 1st

June 1st

Trade Shows

LGBTQ Pride Month

Higher Education Day

World Oceans Day


April 1st

July 1st

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Independence Day

World Chocolate Day

Social Media Giving Day

National Clean Beauty Day

May 1st

August 1st

National Financial Awareness Day

National Dog Day

June 1st

September 1st

Labor Day

National Hispanic Heritage Month

World Alzheimer's Day

Back to School

July 1st

October 1st

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

International Coffee Day

International Teachers Day

World Mental Health Day

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Trade Shows


August 1st

November 1st

Veterans Day

Trade Shows

World Kindness Day


September 1st

December 1st

International Day of Persons with Disabilities




October 1st

January 1st

New Year's Day

Ditch Your Resolution Day

Community Manager Appreciation Day

November 1st

February 1st

Black History Month

Groundhog Day

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Galentine's Day

Valentine's Day

President's Day

December 1st

March 1st

Women's History Month

World Wildlife Day

Trade Shows

International Women's Day

Global Recycling Day


Source: Hootsuite


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ARE YOU Ready to Order Now?

In the world of promo, ordering sooner is always better. With a 90-day window, you’ll be sure to get the availability you need for the best promotional items without any expedited costs or other premium charges. When you work with a partner like Ironmark, we can help you find the promotional items that work best for your objectives, and get you the choice and the buying power.


Written by John Lamon

Starting at Ironmark in 2020 as the Director of Business Development, John Lamon brings 35 years of industry experience helping customers maximize their brand and helping Ironmark's sales team to build success. John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of Maryland and is passionate in trying to be the best at work, at play, and at home.

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