Trade show flooring need not only be a place for attendees to rest their feet. Here are some creative ways you can make use of the flooring at trade shows:


A brand’s logo is an integral part of its identity. Often, it's the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the company. Printing your company’s logo on the flooring will ensure that it is the first thing that people's eyes are drawn to when they enter the trade show. This, in turn, will help the audience firmly associate the show with your company and its brand.

Event Maps

Depending on the size of the trade show, it can be quite confusing to find your way to the various booths and exhibits. Making use of event maps printed on the floor will provide an easy way to direct the audience to where they want to go – or where you want them to go! The map can be printed at the center of the trade show area, and have lines of different colors leading away from the map to specific parts of the show. These color-coded lines are easy to spot and differentiate from each other.


You don’t have to stop at just pretty, branded flooring - you can also include useful information on various aspects of the trade show. A popular new practice is to turn the trade show floor into a “fifth wall” to be used as part of the exhibit and add another dimension to the display. This is done by printing information graphics on the flooring near the booths. This way, more information can be presented to the audience and make them feel as if they are standing inside the exhibit.


Trade shows often have to rely on advertisements to bear part (or all) of the setup cost. In the past, ads used to be displayed on walls, which were obscured by booths, or on TV sets that few people paid attention to because they were busy looking at the exhibits. The flooring, however, is something that reaches every corner of the trade show, does not have any booths obscuring its surface, and is clearly visible to every single person at the show. Digitally printing advertisements on flooring is the smart new way to increase the revenue generated by the show.

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New capabilities in large format digital printing allow not just drawings, but photos to be added to the flooring, as well. These photos can range from featuring various aspects of the trade show to showcasing beautiful pictures which add to the theme and the beauty of the show. You could add a picture of a park, the mountains, or even the surface of the moon to give the impression to visitors that they are strolling through an exotic new area instead of regular flooring.


Drawing Surface

Finally, large format printing can add a new dimension to the trade show's creativity by allowing you to display various drawings and pieces of art on the trade show floor. Designers all over the world have embraced this concept with great enthusiasm, and it has resulted in some dazzling displays, such as 3D drawings that add an illusion of depth to the floor, to impressionist paintings or even regular still-life designs of flora and fauna.

So the next time you hold a trade show, you know how to make good use of the flooring space and ensure that it adds to the tone, theme, and practicality of the event. Need help planning your next trade show exhibit? Send us a note! One of our experts will be happy to assist 

Written by Kate Harris

Kate Harris is a Digital Marketing Account Manager who ensures her client’s growth while exceeding their expectations. Since graduating from the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner School of Business & Economics in 2015, she has gained an array of marketing skills while working for major health institutions and financial firms before joining the Ironmark team in 2021. She applies her knowledge of market research, email marketing, marketing automation, social media, and keyword and SEO strategies every day in the digital strategies she puts in place for her clients at Ironmark. These strategies consistently lead to increased brand awareness, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction.

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