Creativity is very important in the office, as it gives rise to new ideas and a new way of doing things. The trick is making sure that employees feel the freedom to express their thoughts, and it can be difficult to be imaginative when the organizational culture does not allow the right environment for employees to do this.

Businesses that do allow for a brainstorming time or office space are incorporating a culture of openness and creativity. They encourage their employees, often setting aside time for workers to get together and think innovatively. Here are a few easy ways you can introduce brainstorming into your team dynamic and start getting creative!

Hold regular brainstorming sessions

Being creative as a solo employee is way more difficult (and definitely not as fun) as being creative with a group. Brainstorming allows employees to come together as a team and discuss ideas. Having different people with different points of view and interests gives you access to all kinds of untapped potential.

Brainstorming sessions are a way to cultivate teamwork and increase the chances of solving a problem or creating a new way of doing something. This works especially in marketing departments where there is pressure to come up with innovative and successful campaigns. These sessions should, however, have a specific goal in mind to avoid going down conversational tangents.

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Make it a habit

Brainstorming is part of the creative process, so don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking there’s no time for creativity! Remember, if you don’t make brainstorming sessions a habit, they will be de-prioritized out of existence.

Carving out time to brainstorm with your team is just as important as finding time for all the other meetings in you have on your schedule this week. Setting up innovation teams – where each team is tasked with a different purpose – is one way to foster creativity and divide-and-conquer problems at the same time.

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Be supportive of new ideas

Employees may have ideas but may be afraid to express them due to fear of making mistakes and being reprimanded. It’s important for management to show that they support and value creative thinking by being more open to ideas brought forward by employees.

Developing a culture that supports creativity can take work. Some of the more confident employees can approach management without fear, but for some of the shy ones, it is advisable to have a suggestion box where employees can drop their ideas without fear of confrontation. Alternatively, format your brainstorming meetings in a way where everyone has a chance to speak without negative feedback. 


In conclusion

Creativity is a very important factor in business success, and not many organizations carve out time for their employees to be creative or foster a culture of openness. It is therefore very important for businesses to encourage their employees rather than driving them to be more and more productive without open group discussion as to how to make that happen. For more ideas on how to get the ball rolling on your next creative venture, contact us here at Ironmark. We know how to help get you started!


Written by Rachael Sanders

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