What is UV Gel Printing?

The print industry is an ever-evolving one, with new and innovative print applications as technological advancement occurs. The introduction of UV Gel into the printing game has the potential to massively shift how large format printing is done and how the resulting products appear. Traditional print is being overshadowed by applications that offer greater efficiency, productivity, and versatility. UV Gel printing uses game-changing technology to enhance large format printing and produce top-quality printing finishes. So, what exactly is UV Gel printing?

UV Gel Printing

UV gel printing is a printing application that uses UV Gel technology and UV curing principles to provide high print quality at high speed on a variety of print media. The combination of UV Gel (the ink), piezo-electric print head, LED-curing, and heating method allows for printing that eliminates the shortfalls of current printer technologies.

How Does UV Gel Printing Work?

UV Gel printing goes through a process that involves:

  •     The UV Gel first heated inside the print heads, where the gel is liquefied - the substrate remains at a constant of 28℃ by the temperature-controlled platen irrespective of environmental factors;
  •     The liquefied ink revert to its gel state upon instant contact with the media and pins to it aided by partial LED ‘procure’ process.
  •     After the image swathe is entirely formed and pinned to the media, full LED curing follows to complete the process.

The process emphasizes precision dot gain and positional control, leading to end products that are of superior quality to those produced by traditional printers.


UV Gel Application to Large Format Printing

UV Gel print technology is a game-changer when it comes to application to large format printing.

Marketers will appreciate the flexibility that UV Gel printing provides and the extent of creativity that it offers. The applications and capabilities of UV Gel printing in large format printing are notable, including:

  •     High-quality Matte Wallpaper: With UV Gel printing, it’s possible to achieve designer wallpaper with a deep matte finish, which can elevate its value simply through perception.
  •     Gallery-Quality Prints: If neatly folded canvas prints are the goal, UV Gel application creates the ideal creases afforded, in part, by the elasticity of UV gel inks.
  •     Front-lits and Back-lits Displays: Captivating and vibrant front-lit or back-lit displays are a possibility with UV Gel technology that offers blocking power capabilities, designer-looking matte finish, and can accommodate an array of rich colors.
  •     Eye-catching Double-sided Banners: For ease of creation and increased accuracy, UV Gel application can be used to create attention-grabbing double-sided banners for either indoor or outdoor use.
  •     Sizzling POP Posters:  Whether your huge poster print is single-sided or double-sided, UV Gel application makes it possible to create stunning, powerful images, and also provide scratch resistance for longevity.

Advantages Offered by UV Gel Over Other Methods in Large Format Printing


Indoor applications such as wall coverings require precision imaging and smooth output. UV Gel application provides consistency during the printing process and flawlessly repeatable images. It’s typical for existing printing technologies to offer an acceptable range of quality for different applications, but when it comes to delivering higher-quality print, there’s a significant slowdown in output speed. Large format printing requires quality output to be appealing and effective.

Media Versatility

Compared to UV Gel printing, the prevailing printer technologies are not equipped to produce multiple applications utilizing a single device. UV Gel printing supports a wide range of media types and applications. Limitations exist where heat-sensitive media, such as film is concerned. Still, the low heat of the UV Gel printing process makes it possible to choose the most cost-effective media type.

Increased Productivity

Large format printing can take some time to complete and this is where industrial standard print production could prove convenient. UV Gel printing delivers high output speed for faster printing, which can make the large format printing process much smoother. Canon’s Océ Colorado, for example, features a top speed of 1,709 square feet per hour and POP printing at 430 square feet per hour, which is superior to any competing print systems.

UV Gel printing is innovative, efficient, and ideal for large format printing. High-speed for increased productivity, high-quality prints, and media versatility are some of the benefits that this print technology offers. UV Gel printing is a game-changer and outperforms competing print systems in delivering stunning, durable, eye-catching, and effective prints.

The world of print is ever changing in it’s technologies. If you’re struggling to keep up with or understand the latest trends or just need help with your print projects in general, don’t be shy. We have experts waiting and happy to help you find a solution to your problem, contact Ironmark and speak to one of our print experts today.


Written by Reid Broendel

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