Before last year, no one thought they would need to order signs saying "masks required" or "stay 6 feet apart" for their business. Now, a year later, those signs have become a part of our everyday life. How are your signs holding up? Do they need to be replaced or updated with the latest guidelines? COVID-19 changed how most companies operated, from remote work and restricted travel to reduced occupancy regulations. As travel and other restrictions are lifted, traffic will slowly begin to increase for businesses, with people now able to shop in person, dine out more often, and with workers returning to the office. Now is the time to ask yourself: how is my business going to support customers post-COVID-19? The answer is clear: businesses need to update their signage and make shopping easier for customers. Let’s discuss.

The New Normal

Slowly but surely, we are finding more ways to travel and reopen businesses safely. What reopening and travel look like can vary from state to state and city to city. Increased travel can help foot traffic in businesses, but can also lead to confusion on what is required of the customers. Safety signage helps to give clear instructions on what is required by your customers and employees (masks, distancing, etc.). Customers coming from another city or state may not be familiar with your city's guidelines on wearing masks or social distancing.

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Safety Signage Requirements

As areas begin to reopen, it's important to check with your city, state, and CDC guidelines to see what signage you need for your business. Depending on where you're located, and what your business does, you may need to add safety signage about wearing masks and social distancing. If you're not sure what signage you need, the CDC offers print resources with approved signage, from posters to fact sheets, to help your business be crowd-ready for COVID-19.

Prepare for Reopening

As more people get vaccinated, and restrictions are lifted, businesses will see increased foot traffic. As a business owner, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are masks required or optional in your business?
  • Do they need to stay six feet apart?
  • Is there reduced occupancy?

Clear instructions can ease customer anxiety while making sure your business meets local guidelines and regulations to avoid fines for unsafe operation. Depending on where your business is, there may be strict fines for having customers not wearing masks, not enforcing social distancing, or having more customers than the state/city occupancy rule. The right signage can be vital, making sure you're following guidelines and protecting you from liability if customers do not comply.

Local Guidelines

What safety measures your business needs to take depends on your location (city, state, and county) and type of business. Daily life is slowly returning to normal as people are allowed to shop and dine indoors (with reduced occupancy and mandatory masks or other PPE). The CDC Communications Resources page provides directions on how to get your business's messaging updated. If you need information on regulations and requirements for safety signage and reopening protocols in your area, you will need to check with your local government, along with CDC guidelines. 

The correct safety signage can help both your business and customers be crowd-ready for COVID-19 reopening and increased foot traffic. As more businesses reopen to customers, it's important to give direction on how to move forward, so that customers can feel comfortable and your business can follow regulations. Take a look at your current signage and see if it needs to be updated before reopening. Simple signs letting customers know key information, such as mask requirements, hand washing instructions, and social distancing rules, can help to make the transition easier for everyone. For help with print materials, get in touch with Ironmark’s experts today. We’re happy to help you move forward.

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Written by Matthew Menter

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