Every school wants to provide the best education to students and raise awareness of the great work they do. To do this, schools can leverage the power of branded products, which will then play a key role in the school year ahead.

Branded promotional products are a great way for you to bring a jolt of school spirit to the new year. After the last school year, students are ready to be inside, ready to get back to normal school activities, and ready to reconnect with their school. They’ve missed school, and they’ve missed the connections they made. The best way to welcome them in is with amazing promo products that celebrate the school they love.

How Can Schools Incorporate Branding Into Their Materials?

One way educational institutions can demonstrate brand recognition is by harnessing the power of their school’s logo. Placing their logo on everyday school supplies is a great option for connecting students back to the school. Not only will the name of the school be circulated wherever the products are taken, but students will feel more connected to their school when using branded materials. Your school logo is your calling card; it’s what current students flock to, what alumni connect with, and what parents support. Don’t underestimate the power of your logo on multiple materials. Other branding options for educational institutions include notebooks, hoodies, water bottles, athletic wear, sports equipment, bags, and backpacks. These, and many other options, can create a sense of pride in the students, teachers, and alumni. These days, representing your school means a little more than it did pre-COVID.

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School calendars help you stay connected to what’s going on. Athletic wear gives students the chance to showcase what the school means to them. Branded travel products mean parents can take their school name with them wherever they go. The possibilities are endless.

From the classroom, to the playground, to the school store, schools can’t underestimate the power of placing their name and logo on promotional products. Students want to rep their school, alumni want to highlight their alma mater, and parents want to celebrate the institution giving their kids the best education.

What Branded Promotional Products Are Best to Purchase for an Educational Environment?

As the fall school year is only months away, the topic of safety is still at the top of everyone’s mind. How are kids going to stay safe with COVID still around? No classroom can run successfully without putting safety first. Apart from stationery, schools are now required by the CDC to carry school PPE materials to prevent the virus from spreading. If schools don’t have the proper PPE, their staff and students are at risk of getting sick. Schools should be thinking about how branding these items can go a long way in showing parents the school’s commitment to safety. These essential products are necessary for every school to continue operating safely, and they can be enhanced significantly through promotional branding.

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We have put together a list of safety products that every educational institution should consider investing in. This will improve their promotional efforts, showcase the school’s commitment to student safety, and create positive school spirit. Make sure these items are on your list as students and teachers transition back to full-time in-person learning.

  • School-Branded Face Masks and Face Mask Holders
  • School-Branded Sanitizer Bottles
  • School-Branded Planners and Notebooks
  • School-Branded Pens and Stationery
  • School-Branded Backpacks and Lunch Boxes
  • School-Branded COVID-19 Educational Materials

Why Should Schools Brand Their Products?

With schools hopefully back to some version of normalcy in the fall, they have the option to take things up a notch and make their supplies more exciting and impactful through strong branding. Providing branded school products is a great way to create a feeling of unity and school spirit while keeping safety in mind. Kids are going to be back in the hallways, audiences will be back in the stands cheering the team on, and teachers will be back in the classrooms. The challenge for school administrators is going to be how to celebrate school spirit while making school safety a priority.

Ironmark is well-equipped to make certain that your school is ready to welcome teachers and students back to a safe environment. Contact us today to discuss how we can set up your school for back-to-school success.

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Written by Matthew Menter

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