It has all the excitement of the first day of school. You’re welcoming a new employee to the team, and getting off on the right foot makes the difference in how the entire experience will unfold—for both of you. A few thoughtful gestures can make a great impression that lasts. So if you’re wondering how to welcome a new employee, here are a number of fun new employee welcome gift trends and ideas we’ve rounded up to make them feel part of the team from the start.

Homey Touches

This trend is hot right now. As more and more employees return to the office full time, they’re looking to bring touches of the home office that they’ve become familiar with over the course of the pandemic. Small, thoughtful items can bring that cozy feeling to the office while creating a more welcoming environment for all. Here are some of the most popular items.

Self-heating Mugs: Consider gifting your new employee a branded self-heating mug that warms to just the right temperature and keeps their coffee, tea, soup, chili, or other hot treat sippable and dippable all day long. Studies show that likability increases when we’re holding something toasty like a mug in our hand, so you’re sure to get warm words of appreciation too.


Planters: Studies also show that the presence of greenery indoors can help calm the nervous system and clean the air. A snake plant or heart-leaf philodendron can relieve stress, and English ivy and the asparagus fern purify the air. Place them in a stylish planter with your company logo to bring the outdoors in with a welcome addition to their new bare office—and a living reminder of your appreciation.

Throw Blankets: Offices are infamously off-temperature. Some may like it hot, but they spend the day shivering in the confines of a fixed thermostat. With a cozy and beautiful throw embellished with your logo, you can give your new employee a gift that is useful if they get cold feet—and just at home in their living room if they want to use it there. Nothing gives quite as warm a welcome as a gorgeous blanket.

Tech Upgrades

With constant evolutions and accessories that seem to get misplaced daily, tech gifts are always on trend. As people maintain dual workspaces at home and in the office, it’s always helpful to have another charger, set of earbuds, or phone stand on hand. Here are some ideas to help a new employee upgrade their tech commodities.

Chargers: There are a variety of new and enhanced chargers available, whether they plug in to the wall, your car, or your computer. Some are wireless with a built in phone stand—and can even be used as a mouse pad. Some are power banks that are great to have in a pinch. They’re all essential items that seem to constantly be in demand. Present a branded charger as a welcome gift and your employee can leave it at their desk so they don’t need to bring in chargers from home. 

Earbuds: These are hard enough to keep track of at home, let alone back and forth from the office. With a branded pair that has a microphone and can stay at the office, your new employee won’t have to keep track of two more little things—and can represent your company in style.

Phone Accessories: Whether it’s a pop socket or a wallet for your phone, it will get used! Pop sockets and other phone stands are particularly useful on a desk for a call or even to tuck a phone away for some heads down work time. Some fold out from a keychain and some have fun and conversation-starting shapes (have you seen the mini armchairs for your phone?). Wallets are supremely convenient, especially for a new employee's fresh business cards. All are great office gifts that keep giving.

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For the Commute

It’s exciting to have new gear for a new commute, even if it’s across town or just across the living room. These items were hand-picked due to their usefulness, quality, and fun factor.

Bags: There are endless styles of bags you can choose for a new hire, from a slim profiled work bag, to a multi-pocketed gym bag, to a well-designed lunch bag—and so many more. Many help with sustainability efforts, and all help keep us organized. We can never have too many nice bags! Give a branded bag and tuck some goodies inside for an extra nice welcome.

Drinkware: Tumblers of all materials, shapes, and sizes are the must-have office drinkware these days. They keep our water cold and our coffee hot—and help keep paper cups out of the landfills. Have fun picking out a stylish one with your logo that will look great on your new hire’s desk!

Sunglasses: Who hasn’t misplaced their sunglasses recently? Get them a pair they can keep in the car for their commute, with your logo on the side. It’s a gift that’s both useful and thoughtful—they’ll have it made in the shade.

The Show Stoppers

People appreciate gifts that they can use every day, like kitchen items or technology that works well around the house. This trend is true now more than ever. Here are some ideas that make perfect gifts for the home:

Speakers: Portable speakers are game changers. Not only can they bring the party to the patio, but they go to the tailgate, the soccer game, the picnic, and more. A branded gift like this is bound to get a great response.

Fire Pits: This is a high-end gift that delivers high-end gratitude. Even a small logo-ed one for s’mores is a fun treat that will warm your new employee’s heart.

Serving Trays/Cutting Boards: Beautiful charcuterie boards are all the rage. They display meats and cheeses, pancakes and breakfast foods, and now they’re hot as “butter boards.” With your tastefully inscribed logo, they are works of art as well, and make deliciously good gifts. Same goes for cutting boards that double as serving trays.

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A little thank you goes a very long way. And there are many more new employee welcome gifts that will have them starting their job with a spring in their step. We’ve been creating promotional products for over 60 years and can find the gift that perfectly communicates what you’d like to say, every time. Check out our guide: Ordering Branded Promotional Products: Everything You Need to Know. Whether it’s for a new hire, new client, or someone not new at all, we’d be happy to help you make a great impression. Everyone loves to get gifts. Give us a call today and make that person’s day!


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Written by John Lamon

Starting at Ironmark in 2020 as the Director of Business Development, John Lamon brings 35 years of industry experience helping customers maximize their brand and helping Ironmark's sales team to build success. John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of Maryland and is passionate in trying to be the best at work, at play, and at home.

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