The human brain loves novelty. This world is constantly innovating, so there are a number of new and exciting branded products you can use to pique your prospects’ interest. From popsockets to portable chargers, what are the promotional items that you need in your marketing closet? Let's take a walk through Ironmark’s marketing closet. We keep it stocked with the best marketing tools—the stuff that makes an impact! 

Before we delve into the items, it’s important to note some important trends in the promotional items business right now. As you might imagine, sustainability is increasingly important as more and more people (and companies) try to shrink their carbon footprints and live greener. This trend continues with recycled, recyclable, and sustainable products. High-quality promotional items are also hot right now. While people have always appreciated premium products, they are drawn to these more than ever, as company names that they recognize become adorned with your company’s logos too. So without further adieu, let’s take a peek at what’s in our closet!

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A Bevy of Bags

What’s hot right now? For starters, trendy backpacks with pockets for everything, including phone chargers and phones. Crossbody bags that are useful for traveling. Gym bags that neatly carry your workout gear and then some. Work bags that handle the hybrid working environment. And yes, the return of the Fanny Pack… It’s back and thriving! Bags are held onto by those who receive them, because they’re useful. They also provide ample space for a logo, and you can even include more promotional items (like pens and paper) inside. Plus, they encourage sustainability since they’re multi-use—and they’re often made out of recyclable material themselves. Bags are one of the best promotional items to have on hand, since they carry your name out into the world with them, and the bag owner will be grateful for a stylish, well-made, and practical gift.

A Plethora of Pens

Good pens are always welcomed. While it’s hard to improve on something so useful, you can add a stylus, light, or carabiner to make it even handier. Pay attention to the quality here, as pens that feel great and write well always leave a great impression. With many people using the hybrid model that requires two offices, having more pens is a definite plus. On the sustainable front, you can find smart-looking recycled paper pens and markers that also send an important message without writing a word. Pens are important to have in your marketing closet, especially when you’ve got an event around the corner, or even when clients come in for a meeting. They’re easy to store, and they’re extremely cost-effective.

The Latest Apparel

Keeping up with the latest in fashion means that you’ll find logos on trucker hats, cool heathered t-shirts, stylish jackets, fun socks, and more. The promotional industry has its fingers on the pulse of the clothing industry so you can keep your branding on the clothing and accessories that people want to wear. With so many high-quality, up-to-the-minute options, it's easy to find items that people will love—and love to show off. Stock these in your marketing closet for the next tradeshow so you’re ready when they are.

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The Greatest Drinkware

Rather than toting a mug or water bottle back and forth between offices, people like to leave one at each location. With so many designs and features, you can help them do that. Mugs that heat themselves, blender bottles that mix your drink, and tumblers that keep drinks hot or cold all make thoughtful, incredibly practical gifts. They also sit on your giftee’s desk or travel with them, keeping your brand top of mind throughout the day. The more high-end you go, the more it will show. We always keep premium drinkware on our shelves. And don’t forget coasters to complete the set!

Technology That Thrills

In every industry, technology is one of the fastest-changing elements; the promotional industry is no different as it adapts to provide useful items to a changing world. With dual offices many hybrid workers suddenly need two of everything, including phone chargers. Dual chargers for cars are also in high demand. For the audio senses, consider stocking a sampling of bluetooth speakers and earpods for the many uses of at the beach, on video calls, at the gym, and in the air. Additional phone accessories are always a welcomed gift. Popsockets provide a stand for video calls. Adhesive silicone wallets let people skip the heavy purse or wallet and just carry what they need. One of the newest offerings for phones is the POPL, a digital business card that attaches to your phone and automatically uploads your contact information for others on their phones. This is a popular trade show gift, and it always turns heads. Never underestimate the power of free tech gifts.

Health and Wellness Staples

Luckily we’re not all scrambling to find hand sanitizer right now. But in recent years it’s become a must have. Who couldn’t use one to tuck into a bag, purse, or car console? Branded hand sanitizers go a long way in providing a needed service for your customer. Lip balms do the same. Sunscreen and first aid kits are also helpful, practical branded items. These are easy to store in your marketing closet.

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Outside Fun for All

Since we’ve moved the party outside recently, we are all embracing the outdoors more and more. An innovation in giveaways, the fire pit (or mini fire pit) is an excellent premium gift that people love to add to their backyards. You can also outfit their outdoors with branded folding chairs, tables, and coolers. There is even a fold-up kayak made of corrugated paper that you can put your name on (it lasts 70,000 times). Gifts for outdoor fun never get old.

Keep these surefire winners in your marketing closet, and you won’t be empty-handed when the time comes to make a great impression. With shipping delays and shortages, it makes sense to stock up now so you’re never left waiting. We keep our closet filled with the best marketing tools—these and other promotional items (even the kayak!)—and we’re happy to help you find the ones that make your customers happy too.

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Written by Scott Kravitz

As a graduate of RIT University and with over 25 years of experience, Scott Kravitz has been bringing his wealth of print knowledge to Ironmark since 2019. Kravitz manages Ironmark's sales representatives and provides alignment and communication between sales, marketing, clients, and production. With his charismatic personality and effective management skills, Kravitz leads strategic partnerships and increasing sales with new, emerging, and enterprise clients for Ironmark.

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