Conference swag, or "stuff we all get," plays a significant role in engaging attendees and leaving a lasting impression of the event. Plus, who doesn’t like free stuff? However, not all swag is created equal, and attendees often end up with bags filled with items they won't use or appreciate. To help you make the most of your conference swag budget, we've compiled a list of the top 10 swag items that your conference attendees will actually want: 


Swag That You’ll Love to Wear

Offering comfortable and stylish apparel and accessories, such as t-shirts, hats,  jackets, or even fuzzy socks with your event's logo, can help foster a sense of belonging and create a lasting brand association every time someone grabs their new favorite jacket or hat. 


Sport-Tek Ladies Sport-Wick Fleece Full-Zip Jacket 


The sleek Sport-Tek Ladies Sport-Wick fleece zip-up jacket is perfect for days when there’s a slight chill in the air. Where most events give out pens or lanyards that can easily be misplaced, this branded jacket is a wardrobe staple that will last for years to come. 


Price Buster Cap


The price buster cap is sure to be a hit. It can be used on a trip to a ball game, a hike through the woods, or an outing on a sunny day. A comfortable, high-quality cap is sure to be a favorite no matter what the day’s plans are. Make sure to order them in every color. 


Fuzzy Socks With Woven Patch


Fuzzy socks are truly the gift that keeps on giving. When it’s cold, or you just don’t want to be walking around in bare feet, these fuzzy socks with a woven patch (for your logo) are sure to make anyone who wears them smile. Happy feet, happy life (hey, it’s close!). 


Swag That Keeps You Connected 

Staying connected makes life much simpler these days. Tech accessories like device chargers, phone stands, cable organizers, or Bluetooth speakers enhance attendees' digital experiences and make their lives easier beyond the conference.


Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Pencil Cup


This wireless charging station is a space saver with a twist. Not only does it keep pens, pencils, and other writing utensils organized, it charges devices wirelessly without clutter. Instead of having to search for a charger, this Auden Bamboo Wireless Charging Pencil Cup has one built in. 


Auden Bamboo Bluetooth® Speaker

swag6Keep the music going with the Auden Bamboo Bluetooth® Speaker. Conference attendees can stream music, podcasts, (and other audio )from smartphones, tablets, and most Bluetooth® enabled devices. With its gorgeous bamboo exterior, this speaker can fit in anywhere from the boardroom to your living room. 


Trident 2 + Charging Cable


In the digital age, keeping our devices charged is crucial. The Trident 2 +charging cable with multiple ends with a USB-c, Apple® 8-Pin, and a micro USB will be a lifesaver for attendees, ensuring their devices stay powered on. 


3-Port USB Hub Desk Caddy


While it may look like a simple desk caddy, this techy accessory is perfect for adding additional USB ports to your laptop. Conference attendees will appreciate the extra ports and the space for sticky notes and a barrel pen when it comes to jotting down a quick message. 

Swag That Stays Cool 

Whether it's a stylish travel mug or an insulated tumbler, high-quality drinkware and accessories are appreciated by everyone. Just fill up and go without any hassle. 


Aviana Journey Tritan Tumbler With Straw - 20 ounce


Eco-friendly and practical, tumblers have become an essential accessory. Stay hydrated with the sustainable Aviana Journey Tritan Tumbler with Straw at the conference, at the office, or even at the beach. 


Sami Mini Tote Cooler


The Sami Mini Tote Cooler features recycled laminated nonwoven material that is not only eco-friendly but fits up to 10 cans or a variety of bottles and reusable containers. It comes in two colors with a double handle, perfect for snacking on the go. 


W&P Peak Single Sphere Ice Mold

swag 10

There’s nothing more frustrating than big chunks of ice that won’t fit into a glass. This W&P Peak Single Sphere Ice Mold creates an optimally-sized ice sphere that not only fits in your glass but looks cool too. 


Let Your Swag Keep People Talking 

When it comes to conference swag, the key is to provide items that attendees will genuinely value and use over and over. By selecting high-quality, customized items, you can ensure that your swag becomes a memorable part of the conference experience. When you need expert advice on the top swag items to hand out at your next conference, be sure to call the promo team at Ironmark. We keep up with the latest trends and the best products out there to make sure that your swag keeps people talking long after your event has ended. 


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Written by John Lamon

Starting at Ironmark in 2020 as the Director of Business Development, John Lamon brings 35 years of industry experience helping customers maximize their brand and helping Ironmark's sales team to build success. John holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of Maryland and is passionate in trying to be the best at work, at play, and at home.

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