Want a way to stand out from the crowd? You can make all sorts of creative design decisions – from imagery to color to font choice – but you probably haven’t thought about the huge impact creative folding can have. Memorable folding techniques are an inexpensive way to stand out from the competition and creating a lasting impression.

So when preparing your next brochure or newsletter, remember there are some really cool folds you should consider to give your print pieces that “wow” factor. Just think how excited you’d be to receive a promo piece with a flip book inside! Read on to explore some other eye-catching folds that both you and your customers will love.

Stepped Accordion

The stepped accordion is a striking variation of the accordion folds. It enables your printed material to appear zigzagged, with different sections protruding out of the edges in a series of steps. This allows your brochure to appear as though it has pages, and each portion which emerges from the edge can be numbered or categorized into different sections. 

6-Panel Fold

The 6-panel fold is a useful and innovative variation of the classic trifold. It allows large brochures to be folded down to mailing size, so when the brochure is opened up, it suddenly appears much larger and visually appealing to the reader. You can pack lots of graphic content into this fold and communicate more information to the reader. The 6-panel fold can shrink a brochure of 28 inches down to a mailing length of 6 inches.

Oyster Fold

The oyster fold is a complicated yet aesthetically appealing fold that is great for posters and other large media. The finished product looks like a classic gate fold, but when opened up the inner panels expand and pup out to reveal multiple layers that were folded within. These inner panels can also be filled with inserts such as business cards and coupons.


Coupon Mailer

Speaking of coupons, the coupon mailer is great for promotional products. It’s a simple gate fold with the inner panels containing coupons that can be easily ripped out. Your target audience can open up the brochure and reveal the pleasant surprise contained inside.

Unique Print Folds You've Never Considered

Closed Gate Fold

The closed gate fold is a variation of the classic gate fold (where two panels fold in towards each other). With the closed gate, after the first two panels fold in, you can make an additional fold starting from the center. The remaining outside panels are therefore folded once again towards each other.

This makes the final piece very compact and interesting to unfold when reading. It is also great for the mail due to its compact size. You can use it to unveil a larger graphic on the inside or have multiple pages with different content. 

8-Panel Roll Fold

The 8-panel roll is a unique fold that is great for packing a bunch of text or smaller graphics into your brochure. It consists of 8 separate panels that are continuously folded into each other for a compact look. The reader then unfolds each panel as they go through the brochure. These are also great for designing promotional booklets.

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Written by Kate Harris

Kate Harris is a Digital Marketing Account Manager who ensures her client’s growth while exceeding their expectations. Since graduating from the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner School of Business & Economics in 2015, she has gained an array of marketing skills while working for major health institutions and financial firms before joining the Ironmark team in 2021. She applies her knowledge of market research, email marketing, marketing automation, social media, and keyword and SEO strategies every day in the digital strategies she puts in place for her clients at Ironmark. These strategies consistently lead to increased brand awareness, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction.

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