We all know the feeling; tapping your foot on the ground, constantly staring at the clock, counting down the minutes, and simply begging for your Friday to finally be done and over. As business professionals, those “Friday Feelings” can often be pretty overwhelming.

But, just like everything in life, taking this “Friday dread” with a bit of sarcasm and humor always seems to make the day go by faster and without a hitch. That’s why we here at Ironmark we compiled 10 of the top “Friday Feeling” memes out there so you can gracefully approach your next Friday with a smile and a solid chuckle and watch the hours fly by in no time!

1. When You Realize it’s Friday


You just woke up and realized it’s Friday and a whole glorious weekend awaits. Who doesn’t love the feeling of first waking up on a Friday and knowing two awesome days lie ahead of you?

2. When You Realize You Still Have to Get Through Today 


As you smile and think of all the fun you’ll have with friends and family this weekend, it finally hits you. Today isn’t one of those weekend days and you’ve got to get ready, head into the office, and try your hardest to focus on work when all you really can think about is the complete opposite.

3. When Your Coworker Says They “Wish Work was Every Day” 


You stumble into the office full of dread and exhaustion with a hint of depression as a garnish when, all of a sudden, in walks Jerry with his iconic line. Of course, he knows the boss is right there. Of course, he says it loud enough for them to hear. Meanwhile, you can’t help but roll your eyes and thank the heavens that Jerry has no power over company policy (imagine a Saturday— at work— with Jerry; ugghhh)

4. When You First Sit Down at Your Desk 


You grabbed your coffee and, perhaps, a bagel and now it’s time to get to work. But, I mean, come on! Who wants to work when they could be outside enjoying the beautiful weather? It’s hard not to want to cry when you get settled in but you reassure yourself “you can do it.”

5. How You Feel Halfway Through the Day 


You’ve been working for five days straight and you finally look up. Guess what? It’s been four hours and you still have four to go. At this point, you’re probably numb from head to toe—and rightfully so. Still, you settle in and wait for lunch.

6. When Lunch Time Comes 


Close that dang laptop and go have your break. You deserve it! Nearly five hours down and only roughly three to go. You’re a pro at this by now, and you know you can make it with a bit of outside air, a walk around the office, and some life force in the form of a sandwich or salad.

7. Watching the Clock Like... 


Dear lord, can this day get any longer? Is the clock even really moving, or are you just watching a prop go around and around? Has Jerry even checked the clock once? Of course not. Fortunately, it’s only an hour more before you’re free.

8. When You Finally Get to Leave


Have you ever jumped out of a chair faster in your life? Go ahead, rip that tie off and run into the street like the wild stallion you are. You’ve made it yet another week and now it’s time to celebrate adulting like a true professional.

9. When You’re on Your Way to Your Car 


Now, it’s time to wash the weekday memories out of that overwhelmed brain of yours. Shimmy to your car with a spring in you step, and start thinking of all the amazing plans you have with your gal pals or guy friends. Or maybe you’re just super excited to sit on your sofa for two straight days. Either way, it’s party time!

10. When You Realize You Have to do it all Over Again Next Week 


Ahh, what a satisfying Friday you’ve had celebrating, doing work like a boss, and getting through the last day of the week for business people. But wait, Monday is only two days away… 48 hours from now… It just goes to show adulting is hard and Fridays really do suck.

Still, at the end of your long Friday, just look at it this way; you did something that not everyone can do. You made it through a work week without a hitch and you get to celebrate any way you want. Now, that’s an accomplishment. Yay, you! Now that you’re done, it’s time you start to enjoy every Friday. And maybe next time agree with Jerry just to freak him out. Trust us, it’ll be fun.


Written by Ashley Freeman

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