Charity walks and other fundraising events are a fun way to raise money for nonprofit organizations and special causes. There are many steps to organizing a successful event that people will want to attend, and the right products and signage can help maximize donations and participation. You have to spend money to raise money - so let's talk about the products and signage you need.

The Right Charity Walk Signage

When it’s time to start promoting a charity event, having walkathon signage helps to raise awareness. Charity walk signage, set up before an event, should let potential participants know when and where the event is, along with the cause. Walkathon signage is an excellent opportunity to showcase branding, whether it is a recognizable logo or a design from a local artist. On the day of the event, charity walk signage is essential for organizing participants and easing any confusion. Consider signs for where the walk starts, where to park, bathrooms, and any other information that would be helpful for participants during the event (such as sign-up areas, areas for taking photos, waiting areas, etc.).

The Psychology Behind Promotional Products

Promotional items help participants to feel more connected to the cause and give added value. Eighty-nine percent of consumers remember the name of the organization they received a branded gift from up to two years later. Participants feel more at ease when donating to events they are familiar with. Charity walk products that participants can wear again or reuse (like shirts, hats, and grocery bags) spread awareness of the event (and the associated charity organization) weeks, months, and even years after. These types of promo “swag” give participants an extra sense of accomplishment and teamwork. They can use and wear their promotional products after the event and feel proud for supporting the cause. So when you’re thinking of swag for your next event, consider what items will really stick with your audience. Ask yourself what your audience will remember most, and how these items can help you stay top of mind.

Encourage Participation with Cool Promotional Products

Charity walk products help participants to feel better about their donation. In return for donating and participating, they get "free" shirts, water bottles, etc., that they can use every day (while also being reminded of their contribution). Limited edition promotional products that change each year can encourage returning participants as they start collecting each year's walkathon swag. Changing the walkathon promotional product designs each year encourages participants to return so they do not miss out on the latest designs - in fact, some charity walks use local artists to design shirts so that each year is something to look forward to. Sharing these products on social media also helps to increase brand visibility.

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Choosing Promotional Products

When deciding which products to use for your event, think about what is "on brand" that participants will be most likely to use. Will participants be receiving their promotional products before or after the event? Most walkathons are outdoors, so products like branded hats, sunscreen, water bottles, and sunglasses tend to be customer favorites. Branded merchandise should be functional and durable to maximize exposure. In a poll, 26 percent of consumers said they kept high-end promotional products for over five years.

Walkathon signage and charity walk promotional products are an important part of planning and organizing events that people will look forward to attending. Branded merchandise for charity events helps participants to feel involved. The goal is to create collectible items that people want to wear and obtain each time they participate. When participants wear and use their charity walk products, it creates awareness around both the event and the charity. For help with producing promotional items and event signage for your next big charity event, contact the experts at Ironmark. We are always happy to help a good cause.


Written by Lynne Kingsley

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