Dear Clients, Friends, Partners, and Colleagues,

Since the beginning, Ironmark was not just going to be a commercial printer. Our clients deserved more in this fluid, constantly-shifting business landscape. 

Rather, we've been working behind the scenes to create a new kind of company; an ever-evolving marketing and communications arm for clients. The reason it’s worked is that our unrelenting commitment to rock-solid relationships is rooted in total trust and transparency. Our client partnerships have continued to yield business growth in a constantly-changing world due to our ability to embrace change and anticipate industry trends. 

Given the success we’ve seen with Ironmark thanks to partners like you, my goal has been to take the company to the national stage, expand our manufacturing model to multiple facilities across the country, and build out our upstream marketing services side of the business to deliver an all-in-one solution for clients, from concept to delivery.
Today, that goal is one big step closer to coming to fruition.

I am thrilled to announce that Matt Marzullo and I have partnered with Post Capital Partners LLC to complete an investment in Ironmark, Inc, the company that owns Ironmark and Printing Specialist (“Ironmark”).  I will continue to lead the company as CEO, and Matt will continue serving as President. Together, we are entering a new chapter of growth with this partnership. Click here to read the press release.

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We plan to invest in people, technology and strategic acquisitions to further build upon our omni-channel marketing delivery platform. Our executive team remains intact, excited and 100% engaged in our future together.  This transition will provide Ironmark with accelerated growth opportunities to expand our services to provide more value to our current customer base, in more areas of the country.  We will invest in technology improvements where we can improve processes and make Ironmark more efficient and better than ever at what we do best, serving our customers.  We will also invest in our people to ensure that we are well prepared to serve our customers and continue cultivating strong, lasting relationships.


First, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Michael Pfeffer offers deep and wide experience in mergers and acquisitions. Michael has a vision for Ironmark’s expansion that is perfectly aligned with mine. Secondly, Post is committed to the long-term view of Ironmark’s growth; the expertise and consultation of their team will serve us well into the future. And finally, Jeff Riback, a Post Capital Executive Partner, is a 40-year print industry veteran. He brings tremendous proficiency in the commercial print field and knows the growth potential. 

One of the reasons Post Capital was impressed with Ironmark was our trusted reputation for quality and technical expertise, making us exceptionally well-positioned to further scale to meet the industry’s growing demand for marketing efficiencies through automated technology and all-in-one solutions. 

exciting times ARE ahead

It’s not lost on me how many of you, our clients and partners, have been with us since the beginning, and helped shape our collective success. I am excited about continuing that partnership and about what the future brings, together!

With Gratitude for your Partnership over the Years,

Jeff Ostenso
CEO, Ironmark

Written by Jeff Ostenso

Jeff Ostenso, CEO of Ironmark, one of the largest and most forward-thinking print and communications companies in the Mid-Atlantic, is a national leader in the print industry. He built Ironmark with the vision to grow clients’ revenues and to provide employees with livelihoods for their families. He’s forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, and downright honest. Since taking over the family business in 1992, Ostenso grew the company -- then Frank Gumpert Printing -- through acquisition, as well as organically. Not only did he acquire capabilities the company didn't offer, but he also attracted sophisticated and cutting-edge talent to deliver these new capabilities. Ostenso’s strategic vision and steadfast leadership have taken Ironmark from a $2.7m local print shop to a $40m national marketing and communications company of tomorrow.

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