Modular trade show booth displays are made of standardized pieces that offer flexibility for additional custom modifications to meet your unique needs. This allows for such modifications as reconfiguration, scaling and accessory addition, among others.

The portability and versatility of modular displays are due to the fact that they combine aluminium extrusion frames with push-fit fabric graphics. The exhibits are constructed with interchangeable components designed to set up in assorted sizes and arrangements.

How they work and fit together

Majority of these modular booth displays feature a canopy header, which is made up of round aluminium tubular frames. Stretching over this metal canopy header is a fabric panel that can either be a solid fabric or a dye sub printed fabric.

In some, the economy aluminium tube frame features bungee cords with rounded corners. For vertical curved displays, the exhibits combine pillowcase fabric graphics with lightweight aluminium tube frames. For enhanced functionality, they incorporate headers, adjustable literature holders and tables.

Modular Fabric Displays

The must-have, large-scale trade show backdrop is smart, versatile and features recyclable aluminium components that support longevity and reusability. Created by leveraging expert welding and metal working, alongside the latest state-of-the-art printing technology and large format printing, these displays will surely speak for your brand. The modular display exists in a expansive range of exhibit systems from which to choose, which enables youto create a wide range of versatile and impactful exhibits.

The modular exhibits are engineered with straight aluminium tube frames, rounded corners, bungee cords for easy assembly, sturdy feet to anchor the display perfectly, and pillowcase fabric graphic, all ensuring versatility, ease of reconfiguration, portability and elegance. Furthermore, in addition to the all too familiar standard landscape/horizontal configuration, some these modular displays allow for side turning to create a portrait or vertical wall. Your choices have never been this wide.

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Want to make a bold statement with an immersive booth with arches and "rooms?" The Orbital Express Truss series that comprise of reconfigurable exhibit backwalls islands and counters have your back. Their versatility and value are unmatched. Set up and installation is as easy as twisting and locking. With a wide range of options and endless designs, finding a solution that suits your needs can never be this easy.

These exhibits and kits have unmatched versatility that enables you to reconfigure kits in multiple ways and in different combinations using the same pieces. By simply adding or subtracting a kit, you can create a completely new appearance.


Noteworthy also is that all the kits come complete with all the parts, fixtures and fittings present. Also, the accompanying accessory options not only offer multiple configurations and require no tools for assembly, but also have a la carte panel add on options for 10ft, 20ft and Orbital kits.

Hanging & Architectural Structures

To add height to your space with these eye-grabbing pieces, look no farther. The 3D hanging structures designed for these modular displays combine state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase, dye sublimated stretch fabric covering with advanced, lightweight aluminium structures. Coming in a variety of shapes, from rings, squares, triangles, which can be tapered or untampered, to pyramids and pinwheels, among others, the excellence of these hanging structures is unmatched. We also have designer series that comprise of tiered hangings of different shapes, ranging from rings to bullets.

For an even more ambient feel, complement these with our versatile funnels that will transform your environment through form, fabric and lighting. Throw in our line of towers for architecture and drama and add décor, dimension and sculpture to any event or interior. You will never go wrong with a glow.

So there you have it. There’s a lot to Modular Trade Booth Displays, so if you need help or want to see some examples, please contact one of our experts!

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