“Online killed physical advertising,” they said. “No one cares about print mailers anymore,” they said. Well, they are WRONG! Besides that, who is “they,” anyway?

Print is far from dead. In fact, there are a myriad of ways that you can combine the digital and physical print spaces to create some fantastic, unique mixed media pieces that are sure to capture customers’ attention. Here’s how to integrate print into your digital campaign.

Let your app do the work

More and more, companies are creating their own apps for their customers. And everyone has a website (if you don’t, you need one). This is the perfect time to get your site or app to collaborate with your print materials.

For example, in 2011, Volkswagen let users go on a virtual test drive. Readers only needed their phone and the three-page print ad. After holding their phone up to the ad, a car would appear, and the user could navigate the car. Throughout the test drive, the new Volkswagen technology would be explained via the phone. It was a great way to explain the more obscure concepts that typical drivers would not know.

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Reimagine your print

A lot of companies, and we mean A LOT, just use the same mailer template they’ve been using for years, with no innovation. But the most effective print campaigns are ones that spark imagination and creativity. In your digital campaign, you can send these creative mailers sent in exchange for data.

One company sent an actual vinyl record to promote an artist’s music. But how was the recipient able to play the record if they didn’t have a turntable? The physical case for the record was a paper turntable that allowed any cell phone to play the record, no app needed.

Another company created a print mailer that could be folded and mounted on a wall. Once mounted on the wall, the recipient could turn on the included LED light and bam, they have a lamp complete with a lamp shade!

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Interactivity is key

No matter how you set up your campaign, there needs to be a balance between the print side and the digital side. You don’t want to tip the scales in favor of either because you need a well-rounded approach. The best campaigns will incorporate digital and print so that it looks seamless.

Print is on the rise again, and it is perhaps even more effective than it was twenty years ago. New technologies have allowed companies to do more with print and reach more audiences. The reason for this boom is interactivity. People can interact with print in more ways than ever before! The only problem is that there are very few businesses out there that can handle your printing needs on this essential level.

Fortunately for you, Ironmark has been in the printing business for over 60 years. We are experts at this stuff, and we can help you design and implement your next promotional print piece. As an all-around image company, we can be with you all the way from helping you generate ideas to printing and delivery.

If you are looking to print your next viral digital and print mashup, contact us and we can help!


Written by Chris McCready

Chris McCready directs strategy and implementation for Ironmark’s digital marketing clients. Her 15 years of experience within a variety of agencies across the country has provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise within market research, branding, digital strategy, social media, marketing automation and web development. Under her direction, strategic marketing plans for Ironmark clients result in increased brand awareness, visibility, lead generation and revenue.

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