As a society, we are always on a mission to make things easier. Simpler. More efficient. We live in a world where almost anything can be done with the press of a button which means there’s no reason all of your marketing and logistics needs cannot be handled under one roof. By partnering with a tech-enabled omni-channel solution provider, you save the hassle and the headaches of working with multiple vendors and present the benefit of an enhanced customer experience.

What is Omni-channel Marketing?

Omni-channel marketing is the seamless integration of various channels including branding, messaging, and online and offline touchpoints as consumers move down the sales funnel, enabling a consistent brand experience and an even more impactful customer experience.

Multi-channel vs. Omni-channel

While multi-channel and omni-channel are similar in intentions, omni-channel dives deeper into the customer experience. Multi-channel strategy allows consumers to become aware of your organization through print, online, and in-store marketing efforts. However, when consumers are in one of these channels, they are often unaware of the others, creating silos. Through omni-channel strategies, brands are accessible across channels and then go a step further, to ensure an integrated experience across each one. As consumers change devices, and visit online and offline platforms, messages are informed by prior encounters and transitions from one to the next seamlessly. Omni-channel communication and strategies enable an organization to focus on the customer journey and connect each channel.

Reasons to Take an Omni-channel Approach

If you’re getting your large format signs made in one place, your promotional products another place, and your digital marketing efforts handled by a separate agency - there is a likely chance that there will be inconsistencies and inefficiencies in your brand and in the processes. 

An omni-channel approach offers:

  1. Consistent, identifiable brand tone for bolstered brand recognition

    One of the most important things for brands to keep in mind when creating and delivering marketing messages is consistency. Brand consistency makes you credible, recognizable, and memorable. Utilizing an omni-channel marketing approach ensures all marketing messages are the same look, feel, and tone. Through one omni-channel marketing solutions provider instead of multiple vendors, you can guarantee all materials and assets will remain on brand.
  2. Personalized messaging for increased consumer engagement

    It’s only human nature to feel a little special when we see something personalized or customized to us. Omni-channel communication uses the power of personalization to engage customers. This includes variable data printing on direct mail, personalization tokens on email campaigns, or even videos with personalized animations.
  3. Content that is informed by past interactions and current stage of the buyer’s journey

    As a consumer moves down the sales funnel and through the buyer’s journey, they are looking for content that informs and impacts their buying decisions. Whether they are in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage, an omni-channel marketing strategy changes the message and the medium by which it is received to match.
  4. Streamlined communication

    There’s nothing more frustrating than searching through a swamp of emails trying to find where you last left off for this project or that project. Through an omni-channel marketing partner, businesses have streamlined communication with one point of contact. It’s easy to know where you stand with a project by keeping track of one line of communication.

If you’re interested in transforming your marketing strategy to omni-channel, Ironmark can help. We are a tech-enabled omni-channel marketing solution provider dedicated to streamlining marketing efforts from design to delivery. Ironmark offers a complete package of offerings ranging from creative design, digital marketing, offset, digital and large format print production, promotional products, and event design, to logistics, warehousing, and delivery. To get started on your omni-channel journey, contact Ironmark.

Written by Chris McCready

Chris McCready directs strategy and implementation for Ironmark’s digital marketing clients. Her 15 years of experience within a variety of agencies across the country has provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise within market research, branding, digital strategy, social media, marketing automation and web development. Under her direction, strategic marketing plans for Ironmark clients result in increased brand awareness, visibility, lead generation and revenue.