The Web-to-Print Storefront Software

Some people call it web-to-print software, some call it branded asset storefront. Some call it digital asset management.

Here’s what it is – your own portal online where all approved branded templates live and can be customized (and produced or printed and shipped) by your staff in multiple locations. Many times it’s password protected and your staff can order brochures, business cards, pop-up banner stands – you name it – from one online location with a click of a button.

The last couple of decades have seen the print industry transform and grow into the web-to-print movement by itself. The top printing companies are looking to web-to-print as a trend to watch. It is quite well-known that web-to-print is trending in the direct marketing world, especially considering the cost savings in time, money and brand equity. This evolutionary, modern technique aims to create printing software/tools for e-commerce businesses. In the ever-changing world of business, it is only proper to equip businesses with tools that are capable of meeting the ever changing demands.


Why Web-to-Print storefront software is so important for your multi-location business

Grow your business

The implementation of a solid web-to-print solution enables your business to double or even triple in sales depending on your industry. This bump in your sales may be fulfilled by gifts, on-demand marketing and personalized products that are enabled by the web-to-print solutions. Staff or franchisees in their own locations are able to customize their product depending on their location, unique product offering, and budget, letting you kick back and give them what they want, which also helps on the customer service rating front.

Become a one-stop shop for your brand

In the adoption of this software, your business is able to handle and support your managers’ needs and track your transactions all from the same platform. Your managers will be able to place orders and pay through your storefront, making work easier for you. You can set a budget for each location – or have them pay. It’s totally customizable. This will allow you to offer transactional marketing and also personalized publishing for your customers.


How to choose a Web-to-Print storefront software provider

Friendly interface

While looking for web-to-print solutions for your business it is important for you to consider the ease of use for your locations or on-the-road sales people. This is especially important because the easier the interface is to use, the easier it will be to standardize, which will make marketing efforts a piece of cake. Make sure you walk through the platform to see if it’s worth your time and investment.

High adoption rates

To understand the importance of why adoption rates are important, 60% of web-to-print users report repeat usage of less than 5% - and that’s average. While looking for the web-to-print platforms, it’s important to look for a platform with a higher adoption rate – this indicates that the platform is being utilized to its full potential. The gurus will offer content, suggestions, and even portfolios of customizable sales that can assist you in spreading the word to your future affiliates.

Customer service and support oriented

A company that is focused on providing you with much-needed support feels like a breath of fresh air. As with any technology, bugs and fixes are never too far away. A company that gives priority to the overall customer experience stands a high chance of getting favor from clients. Look for a company that offers fast and responsive support for your needs.

Flexibility and cost

It is important for you to select a company that offers affordable rates for their services. A great company is able to create content and also be able to work with partners according to the scale of your needs. Considering that this is the new gold rush, it is important for you to pick a company that is able to keep up with the changing winds of business.

Summing up

In this business, you need a company that has not only your back but is willing to go the extra mile to get you what you need - a company obsessed, knowledgeable and driven. A company like Ironmark is like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. Try it, and cool your printing thirst! You won’t regret it. Get a demo of our solution with our Web-to-Print expert today!

Written by Katina Charles