What’s a KPI on the ROI for PPC and determining LTV?

In today’s world we live for acronyms and ways to shorten our speech. 140 characters or less is often the thought - thanks Twitter! But,with everyone using words differently and interchangeably, how do you know you're applying the right context to the terms being used?

Here’s a test: what do SEO, CTA and PPC all have in common? If it took you a while to understand how those terms work together, no worries, you're in a safe space. Those terms are important to tracking your brand visibility and progression in the digital realm. What about BOFU and MOFU? How do your SEO and PPC efforts help identify your consumer place in the sales funnel? All these terms seem to be thrown around lately; if you don’t keep yourself abreast or cognizant of what it all means you can easily get lost.

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This guide includes popular terms like:

  1. Social Proof
  2. On- Page Optimization
  3. KPI
  4. CTR
  5. CAN-SPAM and more

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Written by Lynne Kingsley

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