You may know that today is Valentine’s Day. If we just reminded you, why are you still reading this post?! Go get your S.O. a gift, the rest of us will wait. Just come back here when you’re done.

Ok, everything squared away? Cool.

So as we were saying, this year, perhaps the greatest love-themed marketing campaign, “Virginia is for Lovers” is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since we here at Ironmark love marketing (and we’re pretty good at it too!) we wanted to share our picks for the top 5 love-themed video ads for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Pandora | You Know What To Do Valentine’s Ad

We love this commercial! Not because it’s sappy, but because it is more of an anti-Valentine’s Day ad. It does a great job of showing that you don’t have to go all out on Valentine’s Day to show your other half that you care. It is OK to just be you!

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Everyone needs to practice self-love and this ad gets it. The women in the video are asked to describe themselves, and when they do, they use a lot of negative language. But when they’re asked to describe another woman, they use a much more positive tone. We love the message this ad presents; that you should let go of the criticisms you place on yourself and be more loving and accepting of your natural beauty.


Google | Parisian Love

We teared up the first time we saw this ad. It first premiered during the 2009 Super Bowl, and it not only reminds people of how much Google is a part of our daily lives, but also shows the steps of a loving relationship go from long distance to… well, we won’t spoil the ending.

Google Chrome | Dear Sophie

This is a great ad that shows the love of a father for his child. It also shows how the Google/Chrome platform is a great way to create life stories that you will be able to share with each other as a family. We think it’s adorable.

Extra Gum | The Story of Sarah & Juan

This is probably the sappiest of our picks, but we don’t care! Grab the tissues, because this ad hits you in the feels. It’s just a wholesome story that shows something as simple as gum wrappers can become an important part of your relationship. We don’t think we’ll ever look at gum the same way again!

We truly enjoy these ads and hope that you enjoyed watching them too. If any of these picks have inspired you to up your marketing game for your business, let us help you! Ironmark is not just a printing company. We can also help you with web development, digital marketing, logistics, and creative services! Contact us today and let us help you create your own Valentine’s Day marketing campaign.


Written by Chris McCready

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