We are so excited!

In just two weeks, we’ll be opening up our doors to some of the smartest and thirstiest people in MD, DC and VA – You.

That’s right, on October 19, Ironmark is hosting our biggest customer appreciation event yet. We’ve called it Suds and Swag, and it’s for beer-lovers and gift-shopping fanatics.

Taste Beer

The beer thing is easy – I mean, why wouldn’t you want to taste six different beers crafted by Baltimore’s own Oliver Brewing Company? In addition, we have Dog Watch Tavern cooking up some Oktoberfest-y type dishes for us, like German meatballs, reuben sandwich sliders and (get this) a soft pretzel bar with different dipping options! Mouth watering yet? Ours, too.

(Beer-haters, don’t panic. A nice cab, merlot and pinot will be waiting for you.)



Here’s the thing – I know you’re thinking, “It’s only October. Do I really need to be thinking about holiday shopping and corporate gifts?” Um. Yes, you do. It’s the first week of 4th quarter. If you want to stand out of the crowd and really wow your clients this year, you need to plan ahead. And we’re here to guide you through the process.

We have some of the most creative and innovative corporate gift vendors coming to show you their latest wares. Chat with them directly along with our very own promo team, and get ahead of the curve.


Meet the Ironmark-ers

But wait, there’s more. In addition to beer and shopping, we will also have an Ironmark meet-and-greet with those folks you’re always hearing about but rarely get to meet. Shake hands with Amanda, the designer who made your video animations. Have a beer with Alex, the technician who makes sure the color on your digital outputs is just perfect. Nibble on beer-brats-in-a-blanket while chatting with Rich, who built your online branded storefront. It’s your chance to meet the team behind your marketing….and eat Gurkensalat.

So, if we didn’t have you at beer (shame on you), and we couldn’t entice you with the latest and greatest corporate gifts (come on now), then maybe the chance to win some really cool gifts with a raffle and social media contest floats your boat. More details will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned!

Written by Lynne Kingsley

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