Have a trade show coming up? With all the details to plan for – between registration, booth planning, travel arrangements and promo products – it can be easy to let your print materials fall to the back burner… but don’t!

Print materials are vital to the success of your company’s trade show presence. You want to put careful thought into your marketing materials, plan the message you want to send your booth visitors and create a print strategy that leaves a lasting impression. You don’t want to find yourself scouring the convention center for a decent copier on the morning of your event. Even if you're working with one of the country's top printing companies, it can be daunting to begin.


To make your life easier, here’s a list of the essential print pieces for conventions that will help your business stand out and attract potential customers. Use this list as a jumping-off point. Be creative with your paper stock and embellishment choice to make the biggest impact.

1. Business Cards

Trade Show 101: The Business Card. Don’t leave home without them! And because everyone will have a stack handy, you need to make sure yours are unique and memorable. Be creative, and make an impression with curious prospects or potential business partners.

For example, take your business cards to the next level with a QR code that could make it easier for prospects to access your website. Or consider a soft touch or embossed treatment to give a tactile interaction with your brand.

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2. Product One-Sheeters

Not every person that comes by your booth is ready to purchase. Some of them won’t even want to initiate a conversation with you, and they would rather just browse through your booth. That’s where one-page sales sheets can come in handy.

These convention print pieces allow you to present your business and talk about your products’ features and benefits … without having to say anything at all! Not to mention, they’re convenient for both your prospects and your sales reps. Instead of driving tentative customers away with aggressive sales pitches, your reps could just hand out these one-sheeters (maybe with a promo product) and let prospects reach out to them when they are ready to take the next step.

3. Special Offer Postcards

Want a way to make your booth visitors feel special? Have a few stacks of an eye-catching postcard with a headline like, “Exclusive Trade Show Offer!” People like to feel part of an in-group, and providing an offer just for convention attendees is a great way to give them a positive association with your brand.

When you’re pulling together your trade show strategy, consider an enticing offer just for trade show attendees. Whether it’s 10% off their first order, a free hour-long consultation or something else entirely, make sure it’s valuable enough that people will want to hold onto it.

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4. Notepads

People. Love. Notepads. When it comes to convention print pieces, this is an absolute must-have. When people are milling around a convention or trade show, they need somewhere to write down important information, such as the name of potential partners or investors. (Including you!)

Branded notepads, journals or post-its can serve as both an effective promo product and an excellent gift that your prospects are sure to use. That way, they’ll always be connected to your brand and remember it whenever they write something in it.


5. Name Tags

When it comes to a successful trade show, the devil is in the detail. Something as simple as forgetting to create name tags can make it difficult for prospects to initiate a conversation with your reps. Get a bit creative with the design and make name tags that showcase your brand’s personality. Not only that they will grab the attention of participants, but they can also serve as great conversation starters.

Download: The ultimate trade show booth guide

There you have it – a list of some of the most important print pieces for conventions. Never attend a conference or other business-related event without them, and don’t underestimate the advertising and marketing power these assets can provide.

Want to take a weight off your shoulders? Contact the print experts at Ironmark and take one thing off your trade show to-do list.

Written by Lynne Kingsley

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