Are you planning your company’s trade show exhibit?

Chances are, you only have a small space with which to work. Most trade show exhibit floors only offer a 10 x 8’ or 10 x 10 space. In this case, you’ll need to get creative with backwalls, signage and furniture to outfit your booth and make it as inviting as possible to the attendees.

Don’t worry – a portable trade show booth display is what you need.

Portable trade show booth displays are characteristically lightweight and budget-friendly, especially for smaller booth areas. From pop-up banners to freestanding kiosks, exquisite backwalls to elegant outdoor displays, these range of portable trade show booth displays will definitely set you apart from the crowd.

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5 Portable Booth Display Ideas to Consider

The following portable trade show ideas will give you that professional impression, and won’t break your back OR budget:

1. Pop-up Banners

Pull-up or pop-up banner stands are one of the most popular go-to print pieces that will enable you grace the occasion in style. Designed to meet premium, economy and mid-range budgets, these banners come with retractable banner stands for superior, high-end functionality, have customary features for everyday reliability, durability and ease of use, and boast the latest design features for improved functionality.

The banners feature indoor/outdoor modular display systems and are styled in such a way as to define areas and to dictate the flow of traffic. The stands are made of heavy duty steel posts and may feature tubular frames to enhance ease of use.

What’s nice is that they usually come with carrying cases for easy traveling, and the graphics can be replaced so the retractable stand is only a one-time purchase.


2. Free-standing Kiosks

Free-standing kiosks are arguably the greatest pieces when the goal is specifically to engage people in the space available and grab their attention. To set up a kiosk, you may use a promotional umbrella, which is water resistant, lightweight and comes with a carry bag. You definitely would want to complete this setting with a premium printed table that not only lends a polished appearance to the kiosk, but also maximizes your advertising with additional space to display your message.

A kiosk gives you the opportunity to place promotional materials and written documents out for display. Also, this gives the feeling that you’re there to do business.


These are an essential, must-have trade show backdrop that leverage large format graphic displays to offer maximum impact with minimum effort. The fabric displays used in backwalls come in a wide range of sizes and can use straight or curved frames.

They are characteristically lightweight and highly portable. Some also feature stabilizer feet on all frames 3 quads high, perimeter bars that connect to frame and anchor the push-fit fabric graphic, and have clean, straight edges for maximum display.

Still, others feature super-stretch push-fit fabric graphics often pre-attached to the collapsible frame, thus delivering a sleek, polished display. With this range of portable, easy to assemble, and durable backwall setups, you surely will command attention at any trade show.

If you choose a simple design such as a step and repeat logo, you lengthen the life of your fabric pop-up display to use a back drop for press events, broadcast or video campaigns.

Portable Trade Show Booth | Ironmark, Annapolis Junction, MD

4. Lighting Options

Light is by all means the easiest way to add depth and interest to your booth display. By using any of our high-end LED Floods, LED Spots, LED Strip, LED Exhibition, and Lumina 200 LED, you will effectively incorporate modern lighting techniques to your displays, the hallmark of which is a contemporary slim profile, thus elegantly drawing attention to your brand and message.

These low-voltage, easy to mount, to dovetails, extrusion channels or to banner stands, will definitely create a powerful, impactful presence. Also, with proper illumination, achieving the desired mood, style and staging becomes a sure thing. For this, there are a wide range of spotlights, with easy-to-use fittings so that as many as desirably possible can fit in your display stand.

There’s no substitute for great lighting, and do not expect that the trade show or exhibit floor is going to be anything less than fluorescent flood lights that wash everyone out and dampen the mood. Be the booth with the right atmosphere!

5. Outdoor Displays

These are tailored for charity walks, store opening functions or product announcement events. Festivals, street fairs, sporting events, art shows, among other outdoor events offer perfect opportunities for the use of promotional tents and signage.

From pop-up to inflatable tents, dome tents to flex flags, our portable display will communicate your brand and message exquisitely. Throw in some inflatable columns with waterproof custom printed canvas graphics featuring plastics stands fillable with water or sand and your tradeshow is a massive success.


Choose the right Portable Display for your Next Event

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider what would be right for your event, and if you can give your portable display multiple uses, even better! Need some help deciding which portable display is right for your business’ event? Reach out to one our Event Production Specialists and save yourself some time!

Written by Jeannette Bezinque

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