Wall space can be a scarce luxury in many stores, offices and places of work. But that doesn’t mean you want to miss the opportunity to share your message and colorful promotional graphics.

Windows can serve as great real estate for such messaging – keeping your brand top-of mind to your customers.

Some of our customers fear that by covering windows, people won’t be able to see out or see in. But today’s technological advances have brought us the ability to print large sized banners and window coverings that are visually appealing, easy to apply, and with the ability to see through the graphics.

If you live in a big city, you’ve probably seen car or even bus “wrappers” that allow a message to be seen while passengers can still view through the advertisement while they sit indoors.

Window graphics are a great way to attract customers, showcase your products, and advertise your business.

What are the different types of window graphics and applications, you ask? Wondering which one might be right for you? We will use the example of applying the product to the front door of your store or office to help you visualize the product.

One Way Window Graphics

In this type of window graphic, the visual appears on one side (towards your customers or audience), but the back side is solid. Your customers would see the graphic, but you would see a blank mesh, which allowed you to see outside, but not see the graphic. This graphic is best used in instances where you and your customers don’t mind seeing a blank mesh or need a privacy screen.

Two Way Window Graphics

In this type of window, your customers would see the graphic, and you would still be able to see outside. But instead of a “blank mesh,” you’d see a mirror image of the graphic. This application is great if you have a colorful image that looks great from either direction, but any text would appear backwards. This is image is best used in instances where you have a bright graphic that can be seen on either side of the application that still draws attention to your advertising.

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Indoors or Outdoors?

Today’s graphics are very versatile, but it’s important to understand how you or your customer will be viewing the window graphic.

If you want the image on the outside of your door, where it will be viewed (and exposed to the elements), the adhesive will be placed on the backside of the product, allowing for easy installation.

If you want the product on the inside of the door for outdoor viewing, the adhesive will be placed on the front of the product for easy installation.

Before you start…

If you’re not sure what you need, it’s best to work with a professional so your image is attractive and easy to maintain. Think about these questions and to help guide you on your graphic choice:

  • Will it be applied to the inside or outside of a window?
  • Will it be viewed from the inside or outside?
  • Should the background be clear and transparent, or white and colorful?
  • Are you using the graphic as a privacy screen?
  • Will you be applying the graphic yourself?

Considering these questions will help you create a visual image that is stunning, professional, and long lasting.


At Ironmark, we have in-house equipment to produce one-way and two-way window graphics, and the team to install window graphics for you.

Contact our signage experts for advice on which window graphics are right for you!

Written by Jeannette Bezinque

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