In the era of fake news, political campaigns rely on direct mail to get their message out to millions of voters, and they spend a lot. Direct mail may not be a new tool, but marketers can thoughtfully tap into it to reach millions of consumers. The power to reach audiences through a credible source, coupled with the advantage of personally linking up with audiences, makes direct mail a vital and active political campaign tool today, and one that marketers can learn a great deal from.

What Are the Success Metrics for Political Direct Mailers?

Just like in previous election years, the direct mailing world is abuzz with activities this October and November. Looking into how direct mail campaigns linger, and how political campaigns measure the success of their direct mail campaigns, can give marketers insights for creating an ideal mailing strategy. The metrics political campaigns use in measuring the success of direct mail include:

  • Tracking Their Audience's Direct Mail Response Rate: Political mailers strive to keep tabs on the number of replies they receive, compared to the number of mailings sent out.
  • Measuring The Return On Investment (ROI) Of Their Campaigns: For political mailers, average ROI is a metric that can bring the skies falling or express the success of their direct mail campaigns.
  • The Cost Per Response (CPR): Measuring the CPR of mailing campaigns is equivalent to totaling the respondents, and the value of the responses, compared to the number of mailings sent out. This metric can include the volumes of subsequent emails, website traffic, or phone calls as well.

Why Does Direct Mail Persuade People to Make a Choice?

Despite the changing nature of political environments, various demographics still love receiving mail and appreciate the additional effort that political campaigns make to contact them using direct mail. This further proves that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Here's how direct mail campaigns help assure political mailers of favorable audience choices:

  • Targeting voters at the right time and sending out personalized messages is a persuasive form of campaigning (for instance, in the final 90 days).
  • Political campaigns use direct mail because the simple mailer design is tailored to give audiences clear-cut information instantly.
  • Timely direct mail campaigns get the undivided attention of their audience and are sure to appeal to the audience's emotions.
  • Political campaign managers know that direct mail is a trusted source. Therefore, they use high-quality mail images to make mailings more compelling for all age groups.
  • Well-organized direct mail campaigns are sure to effectively remind audiences of the political campaign's key message, and the message stays on countertops for days and weeks.
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What Marketers Can Learn from Political Direct Mail Campaigns

1. The Messaging Can Be Changed ON THE FLY

When on a tipping point, marketers should be prepared to adjust their marketing game plan swiftly. Just like political mailers change their messaging depending on current events, by understanding the psychology of consumers, marketers can fine-tune their mailings quickly and affordably.

2. Effectively Monitoring Trends Yields Stellar Market Performance

To win customers' hearts and minds through direct mailing, marketers need to closely watch out for any changes emerging in the direct mail industry and slot them into their marketing campaigns. Just as political campaigns track social ratings and metrics, marketers also need to keep tabs on key marketing trends to enjoy successful marketing campaigns.


Political mailers work tirelessly to craft mailing strategies that allow them to reach their specific audience. Marketers should also work, at all times, to determine how mailings fit into their marketing equation.

4. Working with Clients, Marketers Can Ensure Higher Conversion Rates

Political mailers tailor their direct mail to attract voters from diverse clusters in their target audiences. Since marketing audiences are also diverse, marketers also need to segment their marketing audiences. By working with clients, narrowing down offers for the various customer segments, and creating unique messaging for each segment, marketers stand to reap higher conversion rates from their marketing strategies.

Direct mail is an essential tool every marketer should leverage to remain on top of their customers' minds. Are you a marketer that needs help with direct mail? Ironmark is here for all your direct mailing needs. For more information on how we can help you, get in touch with us today.


Written by Reid Broendel

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