The hottest promotional product trends usually show what customers are most interested in at the moment, so they're always worth checking out. Now, before you do any of these, there's one thing to point out - the fact that something is a popular trend doesn't mean you have to do it. Every company has its own needs, and it's hard to succeed if you're only following the leader. Consulting with our experts will ensure that your choices are a good fit for your need.


Promo Product Trend #1: Wireless Headphones

One of the hottest promo products this year is Wireless Headphones, especially because of Apple's decision to cut the headphone jack out of their latest iPhone model. Love it or hate it, it's a pretty big product change for a lot of people - and offering people some decent headphones can earn your company a lot of goodwill. We recommend offering these as a bonus to customers who actually make a big transaction. Make sure it's something they can choose, not something simply included with their order - this helps promote a sense of getting a good value when they're actually placing their order.

Promo Product Trend #2: Bluetooth Speakers

hottest promo product bluetooth speaker purpleBluetooth Speakers are another popular  promotional product, especially for people who want to play audio through something other than headphones. Now, think carefully about your audience before you order any of these. Bluetooth 5 - the latest version of the connection technology at this time - is a significant improvement over the 4.2 iteration, so it's worth making sure that any speakers you order are going to be compatible with it. This can and will make a difference to your customers. Get monthly promo tips and trends right to your inbox.

Promo Product Trend #3: Wearable Tech

Finally, various kinds of Wearable Tech are looking pretty big for 2017. This isn't just things like Smartwatches, either - we've seen demonstrations of everything from smart shoes that consider your effectiveness at golf to clothes that absorb body heat in order to generate power. Sound crazy?

Well, yeah, it kind of is - but there's value to being seen as a company that's on the bleeding edge of technology. As with the other products, think long and hard about what kind of wearable your customers would actually benefit from. Your device doesn't need to be overly complicated or have a hundred different functions - simple and straightforward is probably going to be fine, and the more useful it is, the happier your customers will be.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can integrate these promotional trends into your marketing strategies, contact our team and ask us for more information - we're always happy to help you figure out the best way to promote your image.

Written by Lynne Kingsley

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