Print may be the key to your marketing success in the current economic climate. Confronted with the reality of the coronavirus pandemic, you have to adjust your marketing strategy. With the cancellation or delay of face-to-face meetings with current and prospective customers, you have to find new opportunities to reach your target audience. Print marketing is an effective marketing channel that you can employ in getting the attention of people working remotely or quarantined. 

Why Print Marketing Works

Communicating with your target audience using print marketing, when face-to-face interaction is limited, is effective and has its advantages. Why does it work for your audience at home?

  • It’s Tangible: Printed marketing materials are physical items that are tactile. People often keep print materials around for an extended period of time, where they can serve as a lingering reminder that compels prospects or customers to take action. In many cases, this means sales. 
  • It’s Engaging: While your audience is confined at home, print marketing provides an opportunity to better engage them than digital marketing. With printed marketing materials, your audience can more easily connect with the information delivered because it’s literally in their hands. They can throw down a piece of print material and return to it later. Unlike digital marketing, which can be distracting, print marketing allows for greater focus on the material and the message is more readily digested.
  • It’s Credible: With a lot of misinformation being peddled these days, your audience may appreciate the credibility that’s associated with print marketing. Your audience will be more likely to engage with print material that shows up at their doorsteps or in the mailbox. This credibility and sense of trust may already exist if your brand is recognizable.

Print Marketing Formats to Consider

For a marketing campaign that targets an at-home audience, direct mail is one tool that can be used to communicate your brand's message. According to a 2017 USPS report, 58% of all mail received by American households is marketing mail. The versatility of direct mail is evident in the different types that can be delivered, including postcards, self-mailers, brochures, and catalogs. Direct mail allows marketers to reach a specific segment of their established customer base by employing differentiated messaging to inspire action and drive sales. 

  • Postcards: If your goal is to create a simple yet effective message to reach your audience at home, postcards are the ideal print marketing solution for special offers, new product introduction, and reminders about an array of services and products. Postcards are also cost-effective and versatile for creating visual imagery that is impactful.
  • Self-mailers: The message is self-contained in this versatile marketing format. Self-mailers can be presented in a number of ways. You can choose to fold it in one of many ways and close it with a wafer seal or glue. No envelope is required, which is great for cutting cost. If you can’t meet with prospective clients, you can entice them with self-mailers that are eye-catching and bold in design, shareable with others, great reminders of sales, and notifications of special events and offers. 
  • Letters: Sometimes, aspects of your marketing campaign strategy may require confidentiality, or you may want to add a personalized touch. Letters serve as an ideal option for communicating directly with your audience by making a memorable and powerful message that is tailored to match their needs.
  • Catalogs: These can be extremely effective at engaging your audience at home. For building brand awareness around a product or service with prospective audiences, keeping established customers up-to-date on the newest offerings, or reaching high value customers, catalogs are an excellent choice.
  • Brochures: Employing the use of brochures as a marketing tool gives you the opportunity to be creative. However, the impact of a brochure is largely dependent on the design and offers, as well as the sales letter accompanying it. Brochures are an effective print marketing tool that can be used to present a snapshot of products and services, and they can easily be personalized.
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Print marketing is impactful for reaching your audience at home because it can make a powerful and bold statement that can drive action. Direct mail is still an effective print marketing format, offering a range of options that you can employ in your next marketing campaign. Whether it’s postcards or brochures, print marketing is relevant right now when face-to-face interaction is limited and people still desire certain products and services. If you’d like some expert assistance with your next print marketing campaign, contact Ironmark today. Our team is ready to chat with you.


Written by Reid Broendel

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