No matter what your company is, there is bound to be a need for a good golf game. Whether it’s for a corporate event, or just chumming it with other business owners, golf is a staple in the business world.

Heck, you may even be a golf company reading this post trying to come up with ideas for your next marketing blitz. Have no fear! Here are the top golf promo items that are sure to be a hit!

Polo shirts

What golfer doesn’t wear a polo shirt? Seriously, name one famous golf pro that doesn’t wear a polo. You can’t. Neither can we. That is why polo shirts are one of the best promo items for golf. You just can’t go wrong.

Quality branded apparel is always a good way to get attention. And this is the perfect way of getting your company name in front of crowds of golf fans.

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Golf balls

What’s more iconic than the simple golf ball? It’s the thing that people are watching the most as it lands on the green, or more likely the rough, and into the hole (eventually).

This means that it is essential that you print your logo on the golf balls. Every hit will remind the golfer of your logo. Plus, people always take golf balls home. You know it’s true, don’t lie to yourself.

Golf tees

When you are at your next golf game ready to smack some balls around, make sure you bring some branded golf tees so you and the other players can have them at each hole.

Along with golf balls, these are great for taking some home to remind yourself of that day’s golf game. And there are options to get the tee itself or keychain tee holders printed you’re your company name. If you’re really feeling creative, you can even coordinate the tee color to match your branded golf balls. All you need to do is have a company like Ironmark print them for you.

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There is always a need for golf pencils. We all know that keeping track of your golf pencil while trying to keep track of your score is next to impossible. And everyone needs them, too – especially if you don’t have an official score keeper and you are going on the honesty system.

Bring a lot of these pencils to your next golf event, and you’ll be a true hero. They get lost in bushes, ponds, the fairway, the rough, literally anywhere. Plus they are small, so they fit nicely in an attendee take home goody bag.

Divot and ball markers

When it comes to golf, divots are just a fact of life. Every savvy player knows to keep their trusty divot repair tool with them. Plus, many tools come with a built-in ball marker, so you get twice the benefits with one simple item.

So if you’re looking for staying power with your next golf promo item, divot repair tools are definitely the way to go. They make for great gifts, and players will keep them in their golf bags for years to come.


So are you ready to make an impression at your next golf event? Awesome! Here at Ironmark, we continue to provide quality printing services for all your promo needs, like we’ve done for the last 60+ years. If you have an event soon, drop us a line and see what we can do for you.

Written by Blake Leppert

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