Nowadays, with the rapid growth of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential part of the marketing industry. The question you may be asking yourself is: "How can AI impact the growth of my business?"

Let’s take a look at the rise of Facebook AI and why you should consider implementing it to help your customer service (CS) team.

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Facebook Is Diving into AI

What are the first words that come to mind when you think of Facebook? You probably see it as the largest social media channel to date and a platform that enables businesses to boost their marketing and communication efforts. While both of these are correct, Facebook also focuses on building foundational technologies through the power of connectivity and, most recently, artificial intelligence.

Let’s take the launch of Facebook’s Messenger Platform in 2016 as an example. This service surprised everyone with an option that offers businesses the opportunity to build custom bots in Messenger.

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What Is a Bot and What Does It Do?

“Bots” are part of AI. They are software applications that run automated tasks on the internet. In other words, bots are computer assistants that help with small, but time-consuming tasks, such as answering questions, sending messages and so on.

Siri, Cortana and Alexa are perfect examples of how far technology has come and how much automated assistants have developed. And the good news is that you can use AI in your marketing efforts, too.

Facebook Messenger Bots

The Facebook Messenger Platform was designed to connect over 1.3 billion people each month. With the help of bots, these users can connect with each other faster and in more comfortable and efficient ways. Bots are extremely practical, and Facebook AI also gives you an advantage over your competitors when you implement it in your CS strategy. 

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Just think about it: You can answer requests in real-time without the need for customer support reps working around the clock. On top of that, the more your prospects communicate with the bot, the more it learns about your customers, making its feedback even more useful and accurate as time goes on.

The Benefits of Using Facebook AI For Your Company

  • It Saves Time And Energy

Customer service representatives need to have a lot of patience -- they handle a lot of repetitive questions and a variety of unhappy customers. A bot streamlines this FAQ process, so CS teams focus their talents on building and nurturing relationships with prospective customers.

  • It Increases Engagement

Customer communication is vital to the success of your business. If prospects see that you care about their needs and go above and beyond to help them solve their problems, they're more likely to turn into customers.

You can use Facebook AI to stay in touch with your audience and help them find the information they need about your company and products. For example, people who just landed on your Facebook page might have a lot of questions about your brand. Helping potential customers should be a priority, and bots can lend a hand in these types of situations. They can be used to answer common questions, provide additional information and even schedule appointments.

  • It Helps You Save Money

Bots can reduce the need for some CS staff. They create an easy messaging environment without the need of an entire team of people. While they cannot replace your CS team entirely, and you may have some startup costs to get things running, the total investment is worth it in the long run.



The benefits of implementing Facebook AI bots are more than evident. They help streamline your communication efforts, stay in touch with your audience, save money, reduce costs and collect relevant data about your prospects. If you want to talk about how Facebook AI can boost your business goals, contact us here at Ironmark. We’re always looking to help companies innovate!

Written by Rachael Sanders

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