When thinking of book binding methods, loop stitching is one that may not be as well-known. However, it is a great book binding option, providing uninterrupted graphics, a clean look and the ability to insert the finished piece easily into a three-ring binder.

This is a great binding method for documents like financial reports, company brand books and other assets that will see their time in three-ring binders on a shelf in your office. Read on to find out more about this innovative book binding method.

The Loop Stitching Process

Loop stitching is similar to saddle stitching, a method in which folded sheets are gathered together, one inside the other, and then stapled through the fold with wire staples. However, loop stitching has the added feature of the loop on the outside of the spine, which allows the book to be inserted in a three-ring binder with no drilled holes. Smaller loops can be inserted into a binder with a ring size of up to 1”, while larger loops can accommodate a ring binder of up to 4” in size.

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Advantages of Loop Stitching

Because there is no need for holes to be drilled, graphics are uninterrupted, providing a great, clean look. The lack of drilled holes also allows the book to lie flat, making it easy to turn pages and view the book hands free, if needed.

While some companies plan to design books that are loop stitched, this method is always a great way to fix a mistake. It can be the best solution for a poor pre-press design or 3-hole drilling that can ruin the copy or graphics of the book. In these cases, books are loop stitched as opposed to being reprinted and bound for an easy fix.

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Though some feel that loop stitching, and the ring binders that are associated with it, are a bit outdated, it is still going strong as many commercial printing companies still employ the loop stitching method. If you are looking for book binding for manuals or catalogs that can be easily inserted into a three-ring binder, investigate your options for loop stitching your publication.

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Written by Matt Marzullo

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