Promotional items can be a very effective tool in the marketing of your bar or restaurant.

First of all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

But more important, when a customer receives one of these free products with your logo on it, they are more likely to keep your company top-of-mind and return to your bar or restaurant because they’re thinking about it.

They will also be more likely to use the item if it is useful, attractive and enjoyable. Promotional items serve a dual purpose of reinforcing the brand to consumers every time they use them and making the brand visible to those who see the promotional item being used.

If you are in the bar and restaurant business, promotional items can reinforce your brand to frequent guests and encourage folks to return or tell their friends about you. When thinking of promotional items that will work well for your locations, you want to come up with products that will be useful to your customers and will also incorporate the hospitality or service industry theme.

Here are some proven successful promotional items for bars or restaurants.


T-shirts always make great promotional items; after all, everyone needs something clean to wear, right? Designing a T-shirt that is cute and stylish (and having it available in a variety of sizes) will increase the likelihood of it being worn. This is another great way to raise brand awareness for both the wearer and those who see the T-shirt being worn out and about.

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Pint glasses make great promotional items for any restaurant. Simply have these items made with your logo to give out to customers. When they use the glasses at home, they will be reminded of your brand. If they use the pint glasses to serve drinks to guests, this can lead to added publicity. You can capitalize on this by offering events at your locations where customers can bring their glasses in to be filled at discounted prices.

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Reusable Coasters

Everyone leaves coasters around their house to absorb liquid from drinks placed on wood tables. In fact, many have these decorating their coffee tables 24/7. Their potential to be ever-present in most households will provide your customers and their house guests with a reminder of your company every time they see them. Increase the chances of them becoming a part of your customer’s home décor by incorporating stylish elements into their design.



After eating, everyone likes to freshen their breath. Instead of simply offering mints at the door of your bar or restaurant, why not give away a mint tin? These handy items can be a fun way of showing of your brand and can be especially effective when your clients share these mints with friends.

Bottle Openers

A bottle opener is another product that comes in handy and works well as a promotional item for the food and beverage industry. They can be simple plastic tools with your logo printed on them, or made of more durable metals engraved with your logo to assure your brand’s visibility. To make these items even more of a part of your customer’s life, attach a key ring. That way, your customer will think of your bar and restaurant, not only every time they open a bottle, but every time they open their front door!


Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

Promotional items are a powerful tool in creating a strategic marketing event. They can be useful in our everyday lives and there’s a proven psychological impact related to promotional products. Those who are given these free gifts will feel the unconscious need to reciprocate by returning to your place and hopefully becoming loyal customers.

If you are in the bar or restaurant business, decide which items will work best for you, and then watch how your customers respond when you give these items away. It is likely they will yield a positive response that will help your business to grow in every way possible.


If you need help selecting a promotional item that has worked for other businesses like yours, Ironmark has promotional product experts ready to help you along the way – at no extra charge (in fact, we’ll probably save you money using our established relationships with reputable vendors!). Contact us today!

Written by Lynne Kingsley

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